If you could add a *

if you could take any hero and add a * to them (essentially giving them another round of leveling to get comparable stats) who would it be?

thoughts so far for me lead to Brienne and Ulmer. briennes power is awesome since it stacks with other attack boosters. having her at 4* or 5* would be awesome. Ulmer has such a high attack stat for a 3* that i think he would be a beast if raised to 4 or 5*.
kailani (or gunner) would be nice too. the damage mitigation they provide would be awesome at 5*



I think you kind of hit it on the head - the other one I was thinking of was Nashgar - he can inflict a lot of pain with the high attack stat and fast mana special.

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Brienne and Wu Kong come to mind. Would be great to get some higher defensive numbers on Wu.


Kelile is a 4 star nashgar


Ulmer is basically Isarnia without t!ts :face_with_monocle:

Brienne for sure. She is the MVP of my all 3* team. Gunnar or Kalani would be really nice as 4 stars.

Also - Nasgar as a 4* is Kelile. Fast, 300+% plus extra damage over turns.

I want Valen. its tiring to wait my average -defence to activate before firing my fast sniper, risk alot also there. Or will this be OP?

I’d add a star or two to Layla. She was my favorite 2*


I’ve always loved the song! :blush:


agreed. she’s a character in the main artwork but she’s forgotten very quickly and literally just becomes food.


Maybe to Kailani or Gunnar.


I’m surprised nobody has mentioned adding a star to a 5*. Talk about unbeatable. However, Boldtusk or Jackal would be two I’d like to add stars to.


Cause noone want to even think about the ascension’s materials required to ascend to 6*!


boldtusk, li xiu, brienne and gunnar/kailani

Hahaha @FraVit93. 1% chance on a 15* Titan. :joy:
Obviously I like to see Kailani, Gunnar or Brienne as a 4* or 5*.
I also agree with @Udoward on the Li Xiu and with almost everyone on Wu.
Another star to a defence debuffer would be great like Tib/Grimm/Gormek but I’d rather prefer other abilitys like shuffling the board or transfering the buffs of the opponents team than adding a star on an existing charakter.


Some of those sort of already exist:

Boldtusk++ = Ares
Li Xiu++ = Guin

I’d like a 5* Wu, guess it’s possible we might get one with the March HOTM, either that or maybe a fast healer.

A 5* Sabina would be really nice too. Can’t think of too many other things which don’t have a 4* / 5* analog that I’d like.

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hard to get guinevere
ares is not available.

at the moment, vivica is the only 5* healer available, another one will be good, in my opinion


wow, reshuffle or buff stealing as an ability!!! that would be wicked


I love the idea of a special that’s essentially a tornado- especially if it also comes with the 40% mana increase for all heroes!

Back to topic. :wink:

Who would you add a * to?

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