If X then Y - programmable AI [AI Improvements Master]

This train of thought was re-ignited by @Buryyourdead on the You Know When… Thread.

It’s not a concrete specific idea, but some blue-sky thinking for comment and future development.


We are all aware that the AI in the game is pretty rudimentary and predicable.

I’m fairly sure the chain of events is:

  • Fire charged heroes left to right
  • Fire diamonds then dragons
  • match three

In Raid/War Defence:

This simple pattern can easily be manipulated and is one of the reasons raid offence is far stronger than defence.

So could we, the players, be given a set of rules to choose to make defence more compelling and nuanced?

A set of rules that might include targeting of specials perhaps?
Select hero and add a rule to

  • target enemy with highest/lowest health/mana
  • prioritize enemy with healing/hitting ability
  • fire special when buffs/debuffs active on allies/enemies
  • prioritize tank/flank/wing

Would this make a mundane hero like Chao suddenly more interesting - if he could be set to hit heroes with highest mana?

It wouldn’t always be the best choice, but it would often be the more logical choice.

Similarly, the AI causes heroes with splash damage to hit outer most enemy on the wings, wasting a portion of the damage.

Would Scarlett, Grimm et al and Gravemaker be better if this illogical choice could be managed.

So how about this being an earned trait?

Raise the ascension ceiling of every hero by adding the ability to learn one rule?

Or have it as an unlockable feature on each character when a particular item is added.

(Ok, ok, I can hear the groans at the thought of more materials being required, but if you don’t find a way to monetize an idea, it’s never going to be considered).

In Auto-farming:

When you are autofarming 8-7 while making a sandwich, and quickly stop and pause it before the AI uses an AoE attack on 1 nearly dead mob.

Finish him off with tiles, and resume autoplay, and before getting back to the sandwich, you end up having to restart the level on autoplay.

And none of this seems like an issue as you just can’t believe how inefficient the AI can be…nvm the inefficiency of making the sandwich

So how about being able to customize the auto-pay AI?

We’re all familiar with 8-7.

Could we add a rule to prioritize green tiles?

Could we add a rule to allow for the use of items?

Or, in the above example, could it be taught to only fire diamonds if there are 2+ or 3+ monsters remaining?

Anyway, just some ideas. Yes, I agree that AW matches are a priority… and whether Guin is skewing the development of all other tanks…But they still had some computer power left for raid shields!



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