If U R not in an alliance...why?

People who read this forum think about the game imo. So, why would you as a reader/player choose to not be in an alliance?

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The only reason I can see is the gem cost of setting one up.
That’s speaking as a not especially social player who decided to opt out of the whole join an alliance thing due to not wanting the hassles some people have posted about.
So I set up my own, with just one member, me, and plink away at 1 and 2 star titans for entertainment. I also won my first alliance war, because the matching system is even more broken for edge cases like mine than it is for most players.

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I really am not trying to be a smart alec here, but it is simply because they see no benefit in being in an alliance. Some people like to wander and others like to be alone. Everyone has their reasons.

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Or additionally likely because they read the 3954 threads moaning and complaining about raiding and alliance wars and never give it a shot.


Or because mercing produces more ascension items cause you fight more Titans daily without being stuck in one alliance.

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Because i’m an opportunist :face_with_monocle:

And i don’t want to be dragged in some ally quarrels that inevitably happens when things get serious, nor get orders on how i have to play for the “alliance benefit”.

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Funny, I haven’t seen any of that really. You can be a strong alliance and avoid all that…


Not cup dropping or reverse :wink:

But even if there’s some perfect alliance out there (and mostly are not for sure) mercing has way too many advantages for me.

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Because it’s like picking a doctor out of a phonebook (remember those, lol)…you never really know what you’re going to get.

I created an alliance to see what the titans were like before committing to an unknown alliance. I discovered I really like hitting titans, lol. The only other members of my alliance are 3 rarely played alt accounts. Some day I may be brave enough to try joining a bigger alliance. :grimacing:

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Lol, join an alliance it is worth it if you want titans. I can recommend a super casual alliance if you’d like

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It’s 3955 now, a new one just started…:grinning::grinning::grinning:

[Inserts shameless ad for Misfit Toys here] :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Kidding, kidding!

I know some folks just haven’t found “the right one”…everyone’s criteria is different. Plenty of good alliances out there, but I like the idea of some bucking the system.


Personally, I joined an alliance to go after 4th tier mats. Went thru a few, and now am in a happy place. That may change of course.

But many do not join. Possibly it is complaints they read here (btw Chuck this is not one…unless we count that trolling). Maybe we need happy stories…maybe we need to get players to see a good side.


Boom baby … ouch lol

Why not join all those threads into one super thread and change the … “Alliance is bad, mkay”, to “Alliance is the best thing since sliced bread!”.

I have been in some, one deadish leader, then a kumbayaa club please hold my hand and lead me to my safe space, to the one I am in now. Sure there are rules but Alliances working as a team benefit all.


Again, trolling is not a help.

Asking people who have not why.

You sound like your experience could/would help alliance leaders…or the not uncommon non-leaders.

There is a thread for u

Some people lile to move around from alliance to alliance to meet new people, not be subject to alliance rules, and to embrace the “merc”-lifestile.

Personally I think its too much of a hassle to play like that and still get regular access to the premium alliance content (titans and AW) :slight_smile:


Dante has it right. Our alliance isn’t like that at all—just supportive and fun and funny. We had a very brief appearance of drama and I nearly quit (although no one said it, no one said anything at all, so I know I wasn’t alone). It turned out to be nothing. Anyway, I know there are other alliances like ours out there, just have to keep looking.

Oh, and by the way, we don’t take mercs—if I find out you’re a merc, you’re out on your butt (and I’m only a co-leader). Nothing against mercs, but we are trying to build a cogent, durable team, which is impossible to do with mercs. It doesn’t matter anyway because we, unlike many alliances out there, are full, because of the principles described above.

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I like Mercs very much. I’m enchanted by the stories of nomadic lifestyles!

I think however, with the addition of AW, Mercs may start making bases of operations (some have already), just to get in on something new. :wink:

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I stayed out of alliances for quite a while. Other games having left me jaded toward the concept of Thou Shalt Join An Alliance. People, you know? I find I have a hard time even dealing with people that I respect and enjoy every day. Alliances in this game come in all types from RP people and similar hobbyists to E&P Is My Full Time Job folks. Finding one that fits is brutal. They say No Drama and maybe there is no drama as long as we all go along with what the nasty leader says, or maybe the alliance is dying and hanging out there feels pathetic, or maybe it’s all friendly people who just have different social standards than your own. Sometimes you just get a feeling you don’t fit in, or don’t want to. OR you join and everyone is sunshine lollipops and roses but it’s all just too cloying. You just want to play a game. MercIng is one way that people can be nice but not have to face the same people every day. If I ever start another Alliance it will have five members. I had been enjoying how gamers here have the freedom to do what seems right for them.
So here’s a question? If someone doesn’t want to be in an alliance why not let them be so that they can enjoy the game in a way that best suits their personality and time constraints?


Partly I asked this as a way to get people to know there are alliances that want new members and are willing to talk about common ground. But, also, I just wondered why they stayed away.

My current alliance is friendly and helpful, but no one joins. So what should the leader say to attract new members in the recruitment forum? The answer seems to be nothing.

While a few may be attracted by a good name, I think it will come down to what players read in other forums.

Helpful players will be the honey attracting the bees.

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