If there will be season 3, please bring back elemental stages but with better loots

Just for thoughts. I love elemental stages, very useful to fight with the numbers to fill up the elemental chest. But elemental stages do not have anything special to it at all, we only get same loots as normal stages.

Why not this time SG improve it more? To make elemental stages more special, by increasing percentage of 3* and 4* ingredient than the normal stages, plus increase the chance of troop drop to be same color as the elemental stage, like I propose here: Increasing chances of elemental troop drop in elemental stage? or more recruits and chances of 2* hero drop.

For sure to get such quality loots require extra world energy and extra difficulty on fighting the stage, but at least we players can get satisfied with the loots.

I don’t want to ask for extra gems or tokens or emblems but please make the farmable loots more rewarding in elemental stages. Thank you.

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