If the health points is zero, you're dead! – Why is it that the enemy WITHOUT a counterattack buff is often able to counterattack your team even with ZERO health points?

Why is it that the enemy with or without a counterattack buff is often able to counterattack your team even with ZERO health points? And we aren’t talking about having a Revive buff either. Legitimately dead at 0 health, counterattacks, then dies off, and if your team is a turn away from losing or winning a battle, that bogus counterattack screws you over. It’s like a titan, who is allowed the last attack of a fight even when there’s no time left.

Hi Mothra

Do you mean a hero who has 0 health and then is left on the battlefield?

Or hero with e.g 200 health, who is hit by a 300 attack, so is dead but still gets to riposte in that instance?


The latter of those choices. Still, it’s annoying because none of the allies have that privilege unless they are buffed with the counterattack.

I think Counter-Attack was switched so that it didn’t work when hero dies way back in version 15, then they switched it back pretty quickly to how it is now in 15.1, because it nerfed riposte heroes too much, or something like that?

Pretty sure OP is referring to this known bug in riposte which was introduced in V26 & will be patched in V27.


By the way, @JonahTheBard, nice use of “riposte!”

I fancy your lexicon!

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Check this thread @Mothra and @Orichalcum-Aife

I saw the thread, but that topic refers specifically to enemies buffed with counterattack. I’m simply referring to those all-to-frequent instances where you zeroed out an enemy, and they get one last jab in before they disappear off the board. It’s like some random, “If I go down, I’m taking you to hell with me” sort of deal.

So it’s more of a “if they die how are they countering”?

I’d guess it’s a case of they’re doing the riposte at the same time and are unfortunately mortally wounded


Both swing their sabres, one of them hits a blink of an eye earlier, both will be hurt and one of them is going to die. Happened a couple of times this tourney to my favor. I’m okay with it.

Hopefully riposte won’t be nerfed to non-func, if the counterattacker will die from the initial hit.

Imagine elephant charging into a pikeman.

The elephant will be killed by its own charge toward the pike (riposte) but it will also take the pikeman’s life if the pikeman can’t hold it.


And when they both die to total team elimination? The ally loses the whole battle by default.

Yes, it’s only fair, that the attacker will lose if both sides die on the same turn.

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If the soldiers attacking a kingdom die together with the soldiers defending the kingdom, the citizens and the kingdom will be safe.

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It’s not a counterattack after being hit and damaged, it’s a counterattack simultaneously with being hit. Like having a shield that reflects the damage back to the attacker but also lets the damage through to the defender. It doesn’t wait to see if the defender dies before deciding to counterattack. But it is supposed to only reflect a percentage of damage received rather than damage dealt. This bug is referenced by @Guvnor up above, and is likely why the attack team is being wiped out.


Counterattack has always been fair in this game. As long as you are under the counterattack buff you get to return the damage with whatever health you have left. I have played an e&p clone where the counterattack was what OP described. If the attack kills the counterattacker, he won’t return the damage, it is one of the most worthless mechanics in that game. Subsequently on the flip side, another e&p clone I played counterattacks with full damage even if it kills the counterattacker, ignoring remaining health left. Now that is really OP

In this case, though, it’s not a true counterattack. It’s more along the lines of the enemy saying, “If I go down, I’m taking you to Hell with me!” So wishing I had a meme from ‘The Simpsons’, where Buzz Aldrin says that to Homer in the space mission episode before the inanimate carbon rod saves them.

But back to point and as was aforementioned, it’s a riposte attack. Happens a lot, though. I suppose it’s another dynamic of the game to overcome.

Saw this again. Aegir with 0 life and no buffs enabled is allowed to administer his special skill of Damage Sharing and Defense Increase and 100% Healing of damage received for allies, only before dying. What a load of horsesh-t!

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