If SG doesn't want to take my money, fine

I have been playing for a while now. I started off f2p, then one of those deals came along where I could give my alliance members gem’s.

Since then I have spent way more than I should have on this game. But I don’t care. I enjoy it and it has kept me company through this pandemic.

Now that the restrictions are easing (in Australia, at least) I’ve laid off spending cash.

But this afternoon, I weakened and went to purchase some gem’s.

The Play Store refused my purchase, didn’t tell me why and I have reconsidered whether I even want to buy gem’s.

The ball’s in your court SG…

Looks like this problem in your google account and not in SGG. SGG can’t refuse your purchase because your purchase processed by Google. But in any case - think twice before spending money in this casino

P.S. Play store it’s like Google Play Market + Apple AppStore? :slight_smile:


Uh that’s never happened to me before

This happening all day today it was fine last night now just stationary circle & nothing happens ???

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