If Joe_D is the alliance leader, Crumpet and christhegreat or elder members please reply to this topic BophaNutz

Allaince name please and thank you

Stop opening the same thread over again. It won‘t help better! And GL on your thing…

Okay my bad let me delete my other post than

Would be nice if they had a player search this is like the only thing I can think of because he tells me that he regularly checks up on forums sorry for spamming the same thing over

What is his forum username? You can tag him using the @ sign, like this:


I couldn’t find Crumpet

Dunno either just his player name

@joe_devoe if you are the guy @Bopha is looking for, please tell him how to find you so we can close all these threads.

I was going 130 on my 600 gxsr and the wind just happen to my zipper the right spot on my backpack and out goes my phone my vape my work clothes didn’t realize until 3 miles down this sucks

Joe_D is the Alliance Leader, Crumpet and Cristopherthegreat our members so hopefully if he sees this he can message me the alliance name

“Memory club”? ?? …

I found the other post. You probably forgot you made it: Joe_D this is BophaNutz reply alliance name please

Sorry memory club not sure crumpet and christhegreat our members in that allaince

@Rook, @JonahTheBard, @Kerridoc, @Coppersky There are 2 or 3 posts about this. Could you merge them when you have time please.

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Yes ma’am.

I couldn’t find any other standout candidates in a forum user search.


joe_devoe has visited the forum once (linky, linky)


My forum name is Gryphonknight, but my main Empires account is Miikeey. Searching forum for Miikeeyy will not help locate me.

Players may have duplicate names in game, but forum requires a unique name.

Searching on the forum may not be your best option. Perhaps General Chat in game?

==In game direct chat==

Due to harassement/ stalking/ trolling there is no way to directly contact them in game ( see Notes )

My alliance leader puts a gmail.com account on the guild info page so teammates can contact them.

==Preventing Alliance communication problems==

Several players with experience in alliance communication problems have recommended setting up an alliance chat channel in a third party chat app like Discord, Line, Kik, etc. in case you lose your account, phone, etc. you can still contact your teammates.


Thank you for that information