If I want wukong, should I invoke now?

Have a couple of pulls to do.
Should I wait atlantis ? Or try getting wukong in the current event ? As there’s not a lot of yellows available I guess the chances are high ? Thanks

My advice, wait for Atlantis, specially since you can get previous HOTM…


If you don’t have Wu, Joon and Viv, it’s worth a pull.

I have Joon and chao already but that’s it.

Tadaaaaaa, just had him on the first pull :wink:
Thanks for your answers btw


Atlantis comes in a few days so…

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Have you TC built to give 4* heroes?

Do you have any elemental yellow hero summon available?

Those have better chances of Wu Kong. Atlantis summons may give more of Atlantis heroes compared to classic heroes (only) which is where you will find Wu.

Lucky. And grats

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I know you’ve got him now, but for anybody searching for specific vanilla four stars, who wants to pull and not wait for TC13/TC20 to cough up, I recommend the appropriate colour of elemental summon as long as you don’t have a full cupboard of other spares in that colour.

To me, that is a good mid game strategy. I once had a ten pull that gave 6 yellow four stars, which helped immensely


@Infinite What is the wait time on TC 20?

To get to TC20 generally takes 4-6 months of play. One training in TC20 takes two days, 100 recruits, and 290k food or thereabouts

Odds from TC20 generally seem to hover around 75% 3* 20% 4* and 5% 5*

My TC20 has been kind to me recently with 2 x Sartana, Lianna, Kadilen, Elkanen. Could use Marjana, Joon, or Magni but I am patient

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