If i leave my alliance

I am fixing to leave my alliance and I know at least 1 person will come with me will we get titans if its us 2?

Hi, if you leave , you will have to start a new alliance or join another to fight the titan, I hope this helps you make a good decision.


that is the plan. just wondering if its just 2 of us will we get a titan, between the 2 of us we are dong 80% of the damage on a 6-8 star titan


Wow, that’s alot of damage between the 2 of you, but here’s a thought how much damage will you 2 do on the titans by yourselves?, (just a thought)maybe you should post for more (active)members before you leave, good luck

Yes you can still get titans and even war… but…

If you’re looking for a home, we’d be happy to have you. Patryn Slayers is the clan. (couldn’t help myself)

Wow, that’s like 600k-900k damage by each of you. :flushed:


Do you know how to speak Spanish? If the answer is yes, then come to
El Refugio.

If you start a new alliance, even of just one player, you get titans. You’ll start at 1* and have to work your way up. Our theory is that the faster you kill them, the quicker you get the next level, but I don’t know if that’s been proved.


Yes. But in El Refugio we already have growing titans with better rewards.

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You will get a titan, but the maximum titan size will be limited by the damage the two of you can do. It means you either need to accept low titan loot tier or try to find an alliance that hunts bigger titans and have similar playstyle as the two of you.

If you would decide to look for a new alliance, this forum has a recuitment section, and there are recuitment Line groups and discord server. More relaxed ways of looking than in game alliance recuitment.

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The short answer is yes - if you leave your current alliance and create another one you will get Titan and war. But your Titan will start from scratch (1*) not the 6-8* that you are hitting now.
It’s difficult starting a new alliance - what about joining a more active alliance that is already hitting 6-8* Titans or higher.
If you are interested, we have a couple of spots available in our alliance. Look us up at Holy Wolves
Thanks and good luck

Hi, a correction please… You cannot fight titans without being an alliance, if you are a single player and try to fight titans , it will tell you that you have to be in an alliance … Unless you are in an alliance and the only 1 fighting the titan, but what good would that do … Just a thought, no harm

Made an assumption based on his wording that he understands he needs to be in an alliance with the other member that he mentioned was coming with him in order to battle titans.

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Hi, no harm , no foul… I’m not trying to start no trouble with anyone, and thank you for understanding , I just wanted that player to be clear , thank you :blush:

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I predict dozens of recruitment attempts :rofl:


Definitely you’ll get titans in a 2 person alliance. But not good loot. Strawberry Cheesecake! could use 2 good players to help with 8/9* titans

100k every single hit for every single color every single time.


Free2play looking for 3 active players very friendly and active taking down 7 and 8* titans just saying :rofl:

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Love it… You’ve asked a question and people are recruiting you :rofl:. Active players are hard to find!

Just reiterating what has been said before, if you start a new alliance you start back at 1* titans. The quicker you defeat the titans, the quicker higher star titans will spawn. There are many threads about how quick / slow this process is.

I’m not sure the reasons behind you leaving your alliance, but there are many active and friendly alliances hitting the same if not higher level titans than you are use to - tougher titans, better rewards. Please note, there is a cool down period with filling your titan chest when you join a new alliance.

Good luck in your decision making.

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:joy::joy:, yes it would seem so , I’m seeing that too

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