If gems were cheaper

Isn’t it true that sometimes it’s frustrating to summon for 300 gems and get low rank or doubles .
I think people would buy a lot more gems if it was cheaper cause then it’s not such a big deal if I get something not so useful .
Or at least have more purchase options like
100 200 300 gems ect so there is something for all budgets !! Not just in special events !!! But always !!!


Wouldn’t just push the game even further towards p2w?

What do you mean ?? P2w ??

Pay to win

Making gems easier for the bottom to afford makes it even easier for the top to afford therefore doesnt really improve anything

I don’t get why the gems in the gem store have never been on sale, EVER. Yes, they have “deals” but never on strictly the gems in the gem store that I have ever seen or heard providing a discount.

Stop with the F2P/C2P/P2W BS everyone. Every game involving money EVER made there’s always an advantage if you pay. That’s the point, I know shocker right… Play solitaire then if this is an issue.


Lol gem offers are on sale…

You wanna attack me? Knock yourself out

I didn’t design the game to be able to be played freely or cheaply

Developers did

If they weren’t trying to keep some kind of balance and looking for feedback on that balance they wouldn’t make some of the adjustments and changes they have

Hence why atlantis summons are cheaper than they were in beta and why atlantis tokens are awarded in chests and titan loot

Some offers are available for gems and not just cash

Guaranteed ascension mats aren’t available in the store 24/7

Summons odds are just as bad with tokens as they are for gems or cash

The vip deal is so cheap and provides so much in return

Etc etc etc

Sorry those things don’t suit your p2w agenda and mindset but that’s not MY fault. U wanna write a letter? U can reach SG on this forum or through email anytime


Yes, and I was specifically stating that I haven’t seen discount in the gem store but various deals SG has offered. I’m not attacking you or anyone else. I’m just pointing to the fact the if you spend money you’ll get ahead much quicker then someone who is F2P. Every game is setup this way that has in game purchases other then just for cosmetics.

What’s would be the difference if there were an offer in the gem store to get 200 gems for one Euro or Dollar compared to a “deal” where you get 200 gems for 1 €/$?

Regarding lower prices overall I fully agree with @Rigs that this would further widen the gap between F2P and modest spenders as well as between modest spenders and huge spenders. Also, the big whales would spend less as they get what they want and pay for no matter what a lot earlier. People who are F2P as a matter of principle would not spend money no matter how cheap gems are. Moreover, if gems were cheaper to buy, the devs would probably use other means to maintain the rarity of great heroes and ascension Mats (= decrease the probability to get them).


there is supposed to be a gap between brackets of player types. no different that MMO with pk and non pk servers. their are different types of players. some spend some don’t and the ones that don’t will gripe every time they choose to spend and don’t hit the jackpot. most spending players have played other games and understand the odds. may not always like them but they get it.

this argument that you can’t add anytbing cause it makes upper level stronger just gets redundant and naive at a point.

go to Wal-Mart, walk the store all day. use the bathroom and water faucets. free internet in the cafe, but if you try to walk out with any item without paying for it ypu go to jail. tell them you deserve it because you been walking around all day see what the cops say.

SG goal as a company is to keep people spending so they make money it is just that simple. ftp player will join alliances with ftp people, people who want more will move on to other vices. the game will migrate each group of players where they belong over time.

players who spend face just as many obstacles as ftp. some more often as they may have a ton of heroes but no items to ascend any of them so they are unusable at their current level until they can level them up. it it takes way more items to move some on to 600+ that it does for a lower player to add them to their roster earlier on.

anything they add is to help all players and getting upset that paying players get help also is not fair to them at all.

let SG charge a monthly fee and every get a free ten summons on the first day of every event. would that be considered fair then? I don’t see how you think a company can stay open if no one spend anything?

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At some level this comes down to a basic question of economics: if a seller raises his prices, does his revenue go up or down?

Revenues = price * quantity

So if you lower the price by, say, 1%, does the quantity sold rise by more than 1%?

A good monopolist like SGG should have calibrated the price pretty closely, but they never seem to have run a real experiment. They should be able to learn something, though, from the periodic specials about what the “price elasticity of demand” is for gems.

Also keep in mind:

  • Many players pay nothing for gems, but use gems they happen to collect for free
  • Other players buy only from cheap offers, like the 200 gems for $0.99 we see each challenge event
  • Others buy those cheap offers but also packages like the recent calendar offers, where the gems are close to the nominal 100 gems = $1, but there are other goodies thrown in
  • Real whales buy still more gems from the shop at 10,000 for $100.

So SGG has been quite clever about scaling the “price” of gems depending on your revealed demand.


The reason it’s a hot topic is because this game needs ad revenue to survive.

Majority on any online or app game are FTP, and hence, majority of ad revenue comes from FTP

If FTP get annoyed, they leave, the game dies and everyone loses, including paying gamers.

So when @Rigs discusses FTP it’s not for fun or out of spite - it’s out of concern and love for the game

We’re on the same team here


I disagree with your belief In ftp. most truly ftp gamers only stay with a game until it’s hard to progress without spending then move on to the next one. This has been this way for years. free to play allows people to spend even a dollar to equal a profit for SG where as people who enjoy the game stay. ftp players are come and go spenders and any businesses true concern is the people spending money and you are fooling yourself to think otherwise.

prime example is the game overwatch by blizzard. it’s population has dropped dramatically because of the problem of nerfing which is caused by FTP Gamers complaining about characters skills being op vs learning how to aim/shoot. catering to those people has seriously declined there community and people head to places where we can find our niche of players be it paying or ftp.

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Lmao actually I’ve seen plenty of f2p stick around longer than big spenders I’ve known. Count the “i quit because i cant buy my way to the top” threads vs the “i quit because I’m f2p and cant get ahead” threads. So again to say f2p dont play as long as spenders is a bs opinion with no sound logic or theory to back it up.

To say SG doesn’t care about every pay class that makes up the community is again a bs theory with nothing but opinion to back it up. I provided examples above of changes or mechanics they’ve put in place in favor of f2p and c2p, can list more if needed and can already tell you that classes/class tokens are a hot topic in beta right now due to the balance issues of the pay classes.

When i speak about f2p/c2p/p2p, i base that off what I’ve seen in the game so far from experience through watching SG and players alike. Btw other games, game history, other development teams, etc etc are all irrelevant bs. E&P and SG are pretty unique and wouldn’t have the player base they do if they weren’t, guess what attracted and retained a large portion of the player base? I’ll let you figure it out.

I’ve spent my fair share on the game and continue to do so on a regular basis because it’s what I enjoy. But that doesn’t effect the balance the game started with, the balance the developers have attempted to keep, and their efforts to further try to keep it. If they wanted the game 100% p2w, it would be. If they wanted a pay rush game that would die within 2 years of creation, they would go that route.

Really not hard to understand if you know the game’s history. You and your buddy can continue to combat me at every turn and bash my thoughts/opinions along with entire player bases due to their spending habits, it won’t do anything but paint you both in a negative light. Have i said f2p should be handed anything? Nope. Have i said p2p shouldn’t have an edge? Nope. I’ve simply said there needs to be a balance to prolong the longevity of the game and that is 100% fact regardless of how much you hate it. It’s not opinion and it’s not theory. Game moves too far in one direction or another, game dies.

E&P has a lot of long time f2p players that enjoy the game and even boast how fun the game is to play for free, and rather than thinkin “this is bs that players who spend less than me are having fun in the same game”, i welcome it. I enjoy seeing others enjoy the game regardless of what they spend.

F2p is needed to keep the player base growing

C2p is needed to keep those vip subscriptions and profit baseline steady

P2w is needed to keep pushing the profit ceiling

All 3 serve a purpose in this game. Always have, always will. And this post will probably get flagged but i don’t care, the stuff above needs to be said.

My thoughts and opinions aren’t written to win a popularity contest or fulfill some personal agenda with selfish reasons. I simply push for what i feel is best for the game and the player community. Are the things i feel are best for the game always correct as far as changes and new implementations go? No but does that make my intentions wrong? No.

Before trying to come in like a wrecking ball and bashing such a large portion of the player base in this forum and in the game by saying they’re unneeded trash players, you should probably look around and read as many threads as you can starting from over a year ago until now.

Actually here are some concerns addressed by the founder of the top alliance and some valid points from players of different backgrounds and spending scales in the game


Ok … I only bought 2 VIP months and thats it.
So I was a F2P for 17 months then 2months as VC2P then back to F2P for now and on.
I don’t have to buy any thing, balance is there, it is slow progress yes but its a progress!
And I can tell you I am happy with what I have. Even with spending my Epic tokens and get Belith, Belith and Belith with saved gems or tokens in any portals. I also got Belith on Epic token and got Darke sad Fong as bounse.
@Rigs I support you Brother.


no one is painting either of us in a negative light because you are trying to fight an imaginary monster. anyone who wants to fight in the top can begin fighting top ranked players by hitting diamond. that’s it. there is nothing stopping anyone from hitting diamond other than time invested leveling said characters. once you are level 3700 you can compete against anytime from 3700 to 4100. will u survive the revenge attacks? probably not but neither do the paying players in most cases. and u lose less from a revenge from a 4100 than u would someone below your level.

I have read all of the concerning posts but their is no P2W In this game and that is the agenda I have an issue with you pushing.

you keep trying to act like we are bashing FTP players and we are not beacaue I’m FTP most timea myself. other than a roll for a hero I want to.go after here and there I level farm and grind just like everyone else. there are people in my allaince that roll everyday cause they don’t want to wait on training camps. they started after me and are now ahead of me level yet still finish under me in scores in events titans and alliance. I finish in the top 5 of every allaince war, not juat pur teams but overall i vluding the 4100s on the other side of us because i have game skill. MONEY CANT BUY SKILL. We are simply stating that if you don’t wanna spend to speed up your progress then you have no reason to be complaining because you will eventually get there to compete with all. I ran the legendary and epic events with 4 stars teams and I have 0 5 stars or 4 stars capped. I have a total of 4 3* stars maxed out VALEN,GUNNAR,BANE,AND HAWKMOON. have belith and brienne almost capped. none of them are event heroes I constantly place in the earnings in the 3 star event. and will next focus on capping the 4 stars I have in their final tier, while working my troops and practicing builds so I know whom to move up next based on playstyle.

I have topped 2600 cups with not a single 4 or 5 star capped. im am constantly in and out of diamond daily because even though I can read defense and combat them,sheer power on the revenge my teams cannot withstand all the time because my top team is 3702.

any player I do receive now,can’t join my raid team until it’s at least level 600(which requires ascension mats to reach) so not like they are even part of my raid teams and being that I’m C2P not P2W I love breaking in diamond and taking out 4100 teans with 3500 ones, and then I help teach my allaince members how to read defenses also for the same results.

no character is unbeatable and there is no team that can’t be countered which means there is no such thing as P2W. you can pay to level faster but if you can’t learn to counter skills yiu will still lose doesn’t matter what characters you have.

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I don’t understand the argument that gems being cheaper helps the people on top more than people on bottom. That makes no sense to me. Those players are on top because they’re willing to spend obnoxious amounts of money. I don’t think anything changes between lower level players and higher level players if gems become cheaper besides the fact lower level players have a boost to try and play catch-up without spending $30,000. Top players already basically have everything they need or want and it’s all maxed level too. Sure they’d get some upside from gems being cheaper but it’s not gamechanging to them. It’s gamechanging for lower level players.


I have to say gems are currently far too expensive. They should be reduced by at least 50%. Current prices are way too expensive for most casual gamers.

By offering cheaper gems more players will be less frustrated with the game, pull better heroes and want to play more to ascend these heroes. As a result there will be a bigger healthier community of players.

It is true the whales will possibly spend less (but new offers can be targeted at them - unique new heroes etc…), the FTPs will carry on not spending but for the majority of other players who don’t mind spending a bit the fun of the game will improve tremendously.

Secondly I remember going on holiday to Thailand. Things were SO cheap. It was great but because I was happy I spent more. If gems were cheaper I would certainly buy more!

Something to consider…

Meet both type of player, since I have 2 acct, and meet great ally just with 1 or 2 member who F2P and they happy with they achievement. The level is high above 50 and other both a above 25
So happinesses, always depends on the person value and expectations, that my conclusion


Rigs is saying that if Gems become cheaper now then it wont help people on bottom but more benifits to top
It does make since if you imagin that lets just say that if a P2P player will spend :
100 to buy 18000 gems now. Then if gems become cheaper the 100 will buy more even. Benifiting to P2P when even the C2P wont buy same amount of gems so wont be helpful on the other hands to the ppl in bottom.

any change that’s made will benefit all players so the part that’s not making sense is why does he feel the FTP deserve something and the cash players nothing. his posts always have the FTP entitlement ring. im c2p and I am only concerned with mine, my friends, and my allaince mates accounts. those are the people who make my game time enjoyable. we celebrate the good draws and talk each other through the bad ones.

cheaper gems means more rolls coming from c2p and p2w and ftp which benefits the whole game so no you still make no sense.

there are so.mamy different gamer types and certain games appeal to certain gamers. as a business your job is to appeal to the group that brings you the most revenue.

helping out the less fortunate is a choice they did not have to make and they make plenty strides to make sure the less fortunate can also participate if they willing to wait for deals and save. if you are FTP patience shouldn’t be an issue if you still here and I only purchase gems during specials, only roll on events that I see a character worth adding to my roster. we have coached all of our alliance mates on spending as to keep the game enoyable and not feeling like a task.

the more you learn the game less you spend as you learn to build around what you already have.

as players rosters grow they spend less because they need less. incoming new players didn’t see the game before it got tonwhere ir is they see the game where ir is now. the amount of heroes available to a player starting now would be astounding as they have chances at huge rosters full of characters that others waited almost 2 years to see.

eveyone deserves to benefit from.game changes and to act like there is something wrong with ftp/c2p/p2p all benefiting is sad from someone who is supposed to preaching about fairness.

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