If Empires and Puzzles ended tomorrow I would

… first, ascend Quintus, Horghall, Justice and Richard in one shot and then feed them to Aife.

Second, I’d take my Nintendo DS 2XL out and binge play Advance Wars: Dual Strike



… cry for like hours. I have no mats to spare and I love all my heroes so I wouldn’t be able to feed any of them off as a dramatic gesture.

In reality I’d probably go back to playing a game I used to play a lot. I quit playing because I got very busy irl and never went back once things eased up even tho I still enjoyed playing.


I’d be pretty sad.

I started playing this game as part of my therapy in coping with a spinal injury that left me not able to walk. So I very much enjoy how it’s helped in dealing with the day to day grind of real life, and filled in as something that could at least give me the faux semblance of a career again.

If you want the completely unheavy response, I’d likely read a book a day.

If you want the funny response, I’d probably just move to the knockoff version.


I’d probably keep my house always neat, laundry always sorted and myself always updated on current events… yeah right. Nah but it’d mean a lot more time for other things I’ve been slacking on, and pondering that I’m half thinking I should probably take a longer break soon. Don’t usually become so nerdy about games as I’ve gotten here…


Enjoy the more free time I will be getting again and guess myy GF will like that too :wink:


I’d probably get a job. No lie.


Keep everything for my Diary and play Dragon Strike instead.


Hey Frenzied wouldnt this fit better in Community Content??? I would be happy to move it there for you.


Sure thanks @Rohn, move away


…probably be shocked by how much free time I suddenly had. :laughing:


Find a way to sell off my stash of google play cards



I cant even find the words


I was with you right until the end!
Me, I’d just find another game to be nerdy about.
Or just continue being nerdy about the PC games I’m already nerdy about. AND play more co-op with hubby.
The main thing I’d be sad about is my alliance and the teamwork aspect of the game.


Find out something else to do.

I do a lot of boardgaming, and some RPGs which are face to face, and a little bit online. Some solo computer/video games as well. This was a game I came across that seemed interesting. If it ended, I’d move on to something else, not necessarily a game.


This too, I like ones for adults but getting my kiddos into board games and card games in the last few years has been a blast, and will only get better as their reading and maths skills level up. It’s really nice to be able to share our hobbies with them.

(PC games will come too but there’s a lot less truly engaging co-op games than one would like.)

Edit: @HarryDeB you mentioned spending more time with your GF and that’s a bit how I feel. Relationships and hobbies are tricky to balance. Mr P and I are both long-time gamers, but we definitely enjoy playing stuff together and it’s much easier with a game that involves any significant time investment that we both like it. Especially when you factor in the limited hours of “freeplay” adult-time we have (after work, kids, home etc.).

Right now I feel like I too often say “in a minute… I just gotta finish this”.


You probably know about BoardGameGeek, but in case you don’t, check them out, you can search for types of games, including co-op, and see what has a android/apple app or an online version.


@Perilin @zteev I’m a board game fanatic too… :blush::rofl:

Or it’s probably more accurate to say I was a fanatic


I take the money that I’ve spent here too and going for a holiday trip over the weekend to find another game… :joy:

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… be looking for my SNES in the cave, throw Secret of Mana (or Terranigma or Lufia or Chrono Trigger or FF 6) in and play it so long until my children ask where the hell their father is! Then I will show them the treasure of my childhood. Got, I loved that time.


This title almost gave me an anxiety attack. Lmao. I’m sure I’d live a more balanced life. That sounds incredibly boring.