If an event expires while you are engaged in battle, you do not receive rewards

During the recent fairytale event, I started the final legendary fight with about 23 minutes left in the entire event. My fight lasted about 26 minutes (it took alot of healing, rezzing and locking down mana regeneration) but I finally finished it. However, instead of being given the rewards for completing the entire tier, I was only given the consolation prize of a normal summon token for participation.

Have your QA team start a fight right before the event ends, to make sure the reward system properly works when you win.

Hiya, can you just double check your recent history?

They changed it so this would be the case in like version 23:
" Challenge Event completion reward will be given even if the final stage completed after the event ended."

To get your recent activity, go in game to:
Settings -> support -> recent activity.

Just double check you didn’t get the completion rewards.

If you didn’t, raise a ticket with support as this should have happened if you completed the final stage.


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