If an Alliance Leader quits or is inactive, what can you do?

Hi, brothers in arms;
if an Alliance’s Leader quits…who can assign the vacant Leader’s role? Can someone clarify this point to me?
Thanx :wink:

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Unfortunately, no-one can :frowning: You can try to limp on regardless, but ultimately your best option is to start a new alliance and move on mass. This means working up from 1* titans so it takes a few weeks to “settle in” but it is worth it if you have a good group of people.

PLEASE can any leaders reading this remember to take a min to pass leadership before they swan off into the sunset :innocent:


Thanx, my friend;
so only the Leader himself can pass the baton, isn’t it?

This is correct :cry:


Unless a leader assigned a co-leader prior to leaving.
In an established alliance, the responsible elders usually take the best initiative to steer the ship into the right path.

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Oh…ok…thanx for the “good news”!:sweat_smile:

But co-leaders cannot assume the official leader role. If a leader quits without promoting someone else to leader, your best option is starting over in or as a new alliance.



The Leader paid gems to create the alliance so they own it. Only they can give it away.

Time to move on an form a new one.




Leaders had to pay to create an Alliance? Oh, I didn’t know this :astonished:

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It cost the leader 50 gems to create an alliance.
And no matter how good was the elders, an alliance without a leader is like a ship without a captain.

Agree with the rest… Best option is to pool the good members an form a new alliance.


I agree with you, Alice

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Hi @Yayo

As @Sorsha has linked above, the Guardians have been through this process and come out stronger than ever.

Please @ me or our esteemed new leader @annieb if you have any questions.


Yes. If the leader is the founder of the alliance, he/she can take it back at will even after they have passed on the baton.

I dont think so. To pass the paton he demotes hisself and make someone the leader.

This isn’t accurate. There is only one leader and they can promote a co-leader to leader but they themselves then become a co-leader with no way to “take it back”.

I have two profiles and once switched the leader position to the other profile. That is what happened when I did. My co-leader profile is the same as all the other co-leaders.

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It was weird for me as well. I was passed on the baton by my leader and somehow he took it back after a few days. It didn’t bother me but that was what I thought since it happened to me.

Thanx for your kindness :wink:

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That’s how I guessed it should be, I will try to check it out on my other game profile as well

If a leader will be inactive, there will be no way to set up a new one, but they may force a leader, who is going to leave the alliance to assign a new leader by a popup to choose at least one of his members for the leadership.

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