If Alfrike class could be changed and you had her, which class do you want her to be ? And why?

This is a just a discussion and poll for fun. Please don’t talk about nerf her. :slightly_smiling_face:

If Alfrike class could be changed and you had her, which class do you want her to be (or not change) ? And why ?

You can choose up to 3 choices.

  • Barbarian
  • Druid
  • Cleric
  • Fighter
  • Monk
  • Paladin
  • Ranger
  • Rogue
  • Sorcerer
  • Wizard

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She would have better chance to survive and fire on defence


Rogue let her dodge all day :joy::joy: but at the moment I just want them to fix her


Good thing she’s not a Paladin, Rogue, or Fighter. Then we’d all be screwed


I mean fighter is just one of the best (the best?) classes out there. I wouldn’t have emblems for her, but a always reviving Alfrike would be really funny.

Was thinking about monk and cleric as the other two, but decided with only monk, both would make an huge impact, for rush she would probably be unstoppable (or only with tile damage) because my hole tactic is focused on controlling/ blocking her mana. But that would also make her more useful outside of rush, at the moment very slow aren’t a real problem in most defenses, but if she could refuse your proteus or hansel or similar heroes she would be more dangerous.

Third Rouge, just love my dodging heroes and would make her a little bit more interesting for flank or wing defense use. At the moment I most of the time just laugh about her on that position, she doesn’t charge there at all and if she becomes dangerous just snipe her to hell. If she could dodge those hits, than maybe I wouldn’t take her so light on that positions.

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I voted cleric and monk.

It’d be a nightmare trying to block her special and that she resisted all the attacks that affects the mana once and again.


For me, revive(fighter) or resist(monk and cleric) Alfrike will be insane. Alfrike is great in rush attack Outside rush attack raid/war, Hansel/Gretel , Zocc/Merlin or Malosi can easily block her. Alfrike with resist ability will be nightmare in rush attack raid/war. Alfrike with revive ability on the other hand doesn’t ability them but she can keep revive until other heroes cure her or those aliment wear off.

Definitely Monk or Cleric. Just stand there and laugh at Malosi

Edited to add maybe Ranger would that bypass Grazul type resistance or the dancing from Gazelle?


The only method I have of dealing with her in rush wars is mana control, so Cleric :joy:

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Totally fighter. I can’t count the number of times I’ve killed her right before she was about to fire. If she could revive, other team probably isn’t going to win.

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I love how nobody chose barbarian lol. I want to vote base on her looks and lore but I accidentally voted cleric for raid purposes.
Hands down sorcerer because she’s went to the dark side.
Rogue because she’s sneaky and conned Hel. (On a side note, to this day I cannot get over Hel’s stupidity and it makes me so mad. Literally gifted the one treasure she needed to guard to alfrike and almost destroyed the nine realms. Either that or Hel was a plot-twist villain aiding alfrike behind the scenes)


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