Idle Hands


Idle Hands are the Devil’s Workshop. So we stay busy hitting Titans and winning Alliance Wars.

We are new and take down 9 & 10* titans currently. We have room for 2 people–Looking for like-minded titan killers! Come grow with us!

Idle Hands


Hey Aliogy!
How is the activity in your alliance going? I am looking for a place with really active members in both wars and titans!
I am at 1600-1800 Cups with teampower around 3.3k.


Hey Maaeetz - we love energetic folks. Come help us kill these 9* titans.

See you soon!


Maaeetz – just went against an alliance with 110k score and smoked them by over 1000 war points. Our group is hard hitting and active. It’s a blast. See you soon–

Idle Hands


We still have room for 1 aspiring brutal, nasty, and even ruthless titan destroyer.

Also, undefeated in Alliance Wars after 46 days of existence. See you soon

Idle Hands!


We’re looking again! Need 1 person who loves to hit titans and win alliance wars.

Check us out!

Idle Hands !!


Room for 1 more hitter!


Still looking for one strong titan killer to join the crew.

See you soon. Idle Hands !


Got room for 1 again!
Looking for 10*+ titan killers.

Idle Hands


Still looking for 1. We are in the 130k power range and are looking to break 140k with you.

Also, we’ve never taken down a 12*. Will you be the deciding factor?


Room for 2 now !!

We love to chat and help each other. Everyone does their part in Titan killing and War winning. Come join Idle Hands !