Idle for a while

Thaks for responding this will idle for a while

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I’m interested if you still have spot. Posted in Sept about co-leader looking 4 new home but went solo. Want to rejoin a place to help others as needed. 2500 cups f2p was c2p with full war roster and Titan killer. Daily multiple times a day usually. All s1 heroes except 6 5s, sartana, marjana and 4 others I don’t really want quintus, azlar, elk, Thorne tho might use elk or azlar later if got them.

Just got new phone so I have to reinstall line. Will try to edit w info 4 discord and line. Thanks .


Will do likely after the Ar which was a surprise my line is obsidian73, I’ll be in touch shortly just wasmt expecting the Atlantis event so I’m hectic …lol.

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