Idiocracy! is looking for a merge/members - 4000 TP

We are Idiocracy! We are a newly formed and competitive alliance. We have (15) dedicated members currently and are looking for more like-minded players/merge to join our crazy team. We are all highly motivated and as such, the requirements are fitting to our playstyle; 4000+ TP, 15 maxed 5* heroes, hit the titan (100k+) and war is optional but must use all flags. If you feel you could be a good fit and can add to our team please join us (LINE is strongly recommended). Can always reach out to us on LINE as well ID: ginger-_-snap or rizzomsk.

These requirements aren’t a hard cap, as we are looking for active players, however, we won’t be carrying anyone.

Current Members: 26/30

Cup Requirement: 2200

Def TP: 4000

Alliance War: Optional but must use all flags if participating

Titan: Must maintain 120k+ damage

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Can I suggest, maybe you could add the level of titan are you currently hitting? GL


Considering the alliance isn’t even two weeks old we just killed an 8* titan in about 2 hours. We wanted to give everyone a chance to get at least a hit on the titan. To give some perspective of where were at with 15 members.

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