Identify a hero as actively feeding

When feeding heros I’m frequently scrolling up and down to find the heros of each color that I’m feeding. Sorting by color is probably the easiest way right now but ina large chest it’s still pretty untennable. If there were a way to flag a hero as actively feeding that is kept next to 1-2* heros that would save so much time

I solved this issue by making my team 4 as the team with all the heros I am levelling at the moment. After one maxes out, I choose another of the same color and replace the maxed hero. I never have to look for heros I’m levelling. When you hit level up, it automatically goes to the bottom where all the feeders are. No problem doing it this was. Very quick and convenient. Hope this helps


I have 8 teams in this order, defense, yellow, green, blue, red, purple, farming, and my last team is the 5 heroes I am currently working on. With 4 accounts, it gets crazy confusing and this helps 10 fold.

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Gonna give this a shot!

What @Dreyden said. 100%
It’s what I have done

Late to the party, but I’ve taken a similar approach: my Team 1 is my “Upgraders”, ensuring that they always appear at the top of my hero roster.

Team 2 is my defense team, team 3 my farming team, team 4 my raid team, and team 5 my titan team.

I also have a team 6 with my all-stars - my 5 most powerful heroes - but that’s only because I paid for an extra team before I figured out 5 is enough for practical purposes.

Thanks for all the advice! Yeah I have set up my teams like this similarly.


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