Identical Cousins! Comparing from A to Z, Aeron and Zulag - 5* purple splash healers

Picked up Aeron at the January Tavern, and I’ve had 3 Zulags sitting in the bench for a while.

As purple healers go, of course CRigs is everyone’s favorite, I’ve always had Sabina instead since I pulled her very early in my game and got her nearly finished before I got a Rigard, but regardless as four stars someone might want to also have a 5* option.

With the new formations in beta coming to more parts of the game potentially, these nearby hero healers that I’ve always avoided like the plague might become a lot more useful in play going forward, so now I’m looking at two heros which would fill a hole in my roster

But they’re so darn similar! Both average speed, splash healers over time, HOTM with element links for your stack, the specials beyond healing are the main difference. So let’s compare their cards…

Aerons heal is one turn shorter, blocks ailments and cleanses. Zulag offers a double defense, so that you could argue Zulag is more of a tank and Aeron is more of a flank hero. Their stats bear this out with Aerons higher attack than defense stat and Zulag is the reverse.

Another place you might prefer Aeron is if you’re running with Freya and other minion heros, you wouldn’t want a puny dark minion kicking out a beefy raven minion, however in her favor her sand damage resistance passive ability looks like it will be useful on S4 map stages now, something nobody could have anticipated when she was released last year, but now seems calculated by SG since they knew how they were designing the new season.

Zulag is the perfect example why I try to get at least one copy of every HOTM, even if I currently see no possible use for them. The game changes the meta changes, sometimes yesterday’s garbage can shine up pretty good.

Anyway I’d love to hear thoughts especially from anyone who’s uses both of these heros and have some thoughts on pros and cons and if either of them stands out in ways I haven’t considered. Thanks!

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I have both heroes. both maxed too, mainly because purple is my weakest color right now and I get tons of tabards and no purple heroes that deal any damage, I also have Marie-Therese, but no Kunchen. I also have Sabina maxed, but rarely gets used (got her C too, but haven’t leveled it yet) and 4 C Rigards, 2 at +18 and 2 without emblems. (cleric route).

Aeron was long time my only purple 5* so he has seen his days of usage quite a lot for more than year - year and half for me; lately, especially how many purple healers I have now, I seem to prefer C Rigard (cleric version) and Zulag. Firstly, Aeron got reseted for other heroes and MT is also monk and I don’t think she’ll ever see emblems ever too. Zulag is +20, because I thought I’d be using her as a war tank first, but I never really got to use her as a war tank. She’s a solid hero for very fast wars and tournaments and ninja tower pretty much.

Aeron, MT and Zulag are all pretty good heroes for very fast wars and tournaments, mainly if the player uses multi-color attack teams like 3-1-1 or 2-1-1-1. I found having at least 2 healers in every team a neccessity in very fast wars so they come in handy.

In general, I prefer using my 2 emblemed C Rigards for every war and for raiding, the liability of Zulag is that she only heals nearby allies, I wished she healed all allies, that means same/similar heal regen special skill as Aeron.

If i had a better purple roster, all my purple 5* healers would definitely get used more, as I would be able to make more purple teams.

Simply Aeron stands out as a hero that should protect his nearby allies against all the ailments, so he should shine against DoTs, ailments heavy teams, Zulag exists as a hero that should protect nearby allies against heavy damage dealing heroes like snipers, AoE heroes, etc.

Not sure if I really offered anything new in my point of view…

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Thanks for those thoughts, it’s good to know from someone who has experience of both.

I would say give Sabina’s costume a try it’s pretty amazing when she blocks the whole enemy team from being buffed!

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Rigard is highly praised mainly for his cleanse and the stats to back it up. His costume is a great side grade (healing over time in lieu of an attack buff) and speed booster.

Aeron has the cleanse going for him, but Zulag doesn’t. With the sheer amount of ailments being thrown around, it’s essential.

The other reason why cRigs has so much going for him is because it won’t tie up 6 of your tabbards.

You’d be 6 tabbards poorer with Zulag (which I haven’t ascended) or Aeron.

Additionally, both Z and A get the bonus “reach” if 4/5th or more of the team is still alive. This looks great on paper, but defenders might not make it that long.

Finally, formations are in “beta”. I’d be pretty grumpy if I thought Zulag could improve my defense, blew 6 tabs and then found out formations went bye bye or changed how “affect 3” worked…

Neither are bad heroes, but I’d consider the following:

-will Z or A get any use outside of defense?
-what if formations don’t work like they do now after “beta”?
-is anyone else more worthy of the tabbards?
-could you get someone worthy of the tabs soon-ish?

Overall, formations have changed my thought process while raiding, but none seem overpowered.

Yeah neither of them would go past 3/70 in the foreseeable future in my roster. Freya is up next, then Clarissa both I have at 3/70 now, next one I’ll level is Victor then Myztero. I’m swimming in Purples (I have Alfrike, Domitia, CSartana and CQuintus all with some emblems)

So this is more of a long range thought exercise, for some point in the future where I still don’t want to level Obakan and by then we will know more about formations staying around or not and if the rules change to remove the boost to these sorts of heros.

I have both of them as well and 5 tabards with 6th coming from Rare Quest eventually. Buuut I have great and good purples that are fully ascended (this being my strongest color - Kage, Ursena, Seshat, Victor, Clarissa, Marie-Thérèse, Sartana) and anyway I have Domitia and 2nd Clarissa waiting, so … no tabards for them. Though Aeron, healing everyone, would be worth considering since I don’t have many 5* healers.

I will definitely, I even have emblems available if I’ll like her. Her costume looks kind of cool. Despite maxing all 3 regen 5* healers I still have 27 tabards, so with all honesty I don’t regret maxing them all. I have to play with what I have. I have many tabards reserved for future heroes if I get lucky, mainly damage dealers/snipers hopefully, some of them I’m gonna throw to alchemy lab too.

In that case, neither. We don’t know the fate of formations and I wouldn’t make any decisions based on what we have now.

Sorry, off topic, but I can’t help wondering if anyone under 50 gets the Identical Cousins reference. Patty Duke was already in reruns when I was a kid.

Unless Nickelodeon shows it?

Kunchen says what?

Just kidding. CRigs is fantastic. I do use Kunch more often (I have both at +20), but CRigs definitely can hang with the big boys.

I only have Zulag of the two cousins. Never even thought about leveling her until I saw the new raid formations. If they stick then I’ll reconsider. Have faced a few Zulag tanks with the new formations and she is top-notch.

I mean I’m 41 and I made the reference lol. Saw Pattt Duke on nick at nite when I was a young ‘un

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