Ideas to reduce the pop-up flood

I truly love this game and would love to get rid of some of the annoying stuff already.

Pop-ups get in the way too much. Sometimes you have to get past 6 pop-ups when you have a lot to check out on screen in a very brief time.

  1. Offers and special summoning pop-ups might be rewarding, i get it. But who cares, really, about the color-specific summons? It is not new in any way, all colors rotate in a cycle and we know where to look at if we decide to seize the high probability of TC20 heroes.

  2. To show me my rewards, just put a small badge on the button related to the fight or event that i have received the rewards from. Like, make the raid tournament rewards pop up only when i click to the raids menu, which would have a badge attached to it.

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