Ideas to make raids something

beginning the address is not incomplete … the raids are currently nothing … no prizes … no motives … not even fair
No prizes … There are difficulty levels, but nothing ensures that the Diamond League gives you better prizes than the Golden League
No Motives … No one gets anything from being on the top 100 list locally or globally
No justice … If I had preceded the best in the world … Five minutes of sleep make me disappear from the list of the best 100 players
My thoughts for improving raids are
1- Awarding prizes (weekly - monthly) for the best 100 players locally and globally … No need to be awards tools or badges can be just medals where the player keeps or put a sign beside his image for a month until the renewal of the results
2 - The important idea for me is to give some kind of protection after receiving any attack … The duration of protection varies depending on the outcome of the attack … If I win the defense I get protection for 10 minutes and if I lose my defense get protection for an hour or more … So I will not lose my ordinance as terrible as it gets right Now
3- If we apply the idea No. 2, we need to determine the work of the flask of the raid power so that no more than one flask can be used every day so that there is no big difference between the one who buys the flask and the FTP players and there is a real need for the players to buy one daily​:wink::wink:
3- We may need new levels. .there are a lot of metals between the bronze and diamonds

If you have more ideas, put them in comments and you can add them to my thoughts group to create a comprehensive and multi-minded idea

Sorry to disagree, but I don’t think the raid system needs any modifications. It works just fine. It has worked just fine for over two years and will work just fine for the next two or more… The current system keeps all of us chasing each other around all day long without getting tired or bored. What it needs is for people to better understand it and appreciate it’s ingenuity… Nobody is forced to raid. You could always stop just as soon as the chest is filled… And if rewards are no different in bronze than in diamond, you could set a 5 x Aife defense team and win all raids without breaking a sweat.

I agree that raids have become boring. But I also think they served their purpose when the game was still young and the leaderboard actually meant something.
Nowadays people have deep benches and anybody with a rainbow 5* team can defeat any defense.

Putting awards on the top 100 would be a really bad addition to the game as raiding is very RNG dependent and you could get in the top 100 with your last flag and kicked out a minute later right before your suggested rewards are handed out.

Their already is protection for your defense, it’s called the raid shield and you can find that in the shop. They just dont work when you’re over 2600 cups because otherwise people in the diamond range would have nothing to raid against and you would see the same people at #1 all the time.

My suggestion is to make more significant differences between the arenas and the chests. It doesn’t have to be in ascension mats per se (would be nice though), but it could also be a buttload of ham or a certain 5-10 emblem drop in every chest. That should be rewarding enough.

The only complain is that raids are boooring…!!
Reach 3000 cups and for what, in 3 min you are down with nothing in your hand.
Even now I can’t understand why EXP is missing from loot raid!
Not to mention the chest, filled with weeds and a sword…
Anyway…may the RNG be with you!