Ideas to Fix or Improve

When you lose connection temporarily it should not cost you the current game in play ,cost me the last 16 world energy points I had also try reducing the amount of food required for training your lower level troops. The amount needed is ridiculous. It`s more drawn out and time consumming like old Vanila WOW and Warcrafts second expansion. Plus make the drops for stages more standard on crafting matts, the odds of getting what you need seems to be way to low. If the games matts and drops rates stay ridiculously low I dont see myself playing this game a couple of months from now. For a game they shouldnt be so drawn out that it feels like your spending enough time playing it like its a second job.

Although i agree that gaining certain items can feel an age, i want to say that there is still alot of fun to be had while waiting to ascend heroes, collecting others, raids, allis and wars, missions, maps even building your empire. Yes it’s a slog but it’s enjoyable enough for me to want to stay and play.

Already suggested at least here

@zephyr1 @Kerridoc @Garanwayn a merge maybe?

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