Ideas on upgrading

I just got a legendary tome of tactics. I don’t have any leveled 5* heroes. Why ideas on which one would be best to use it on?

Use it on Krampus.
Only ascend Freya, Krampus, Viselus (one), Killhare, Rat and Cham of this lot.
Krampus and Freya first, Rat and Cham later.
The S1 heroes are without costume only fodder for SE.
Balur is mediocre at best, and Sargasso is inferior to Obakan, definitely SE fodder.
Happy gaming

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In my honest opinion I would go on Krampus and costume first.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Krampus, wait until you ascend 70 though

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You wont go wrong with either Freya or Krampus. Depends mostly on your AM stashes and Emblems. You’ve got a very rich roster for someone who hasn’t leveled any of the characters yet. Probably comes from pulling a lot without realizing that there are other costs to leveling up heros.

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I’ve got 29 epic tokens sitting there waiting because I don’t have the materials. How does the token work? It says level up to 80, but it seems like you have to ascend first at least to 70 then the token will take you the rest of the way. Is that correct.

What is SE fodder? I haven’t heard that term before

Soul Exchange lets you trade in 10,15 or 20 unused 5stars for one that you want from a roster. Comes up for a few days every three months. SE Fodder are just 5star heros that you shouldn’t want to level up.

The tome you have only grants experience levels… not asscentions. So you don’t go from a new hero to a finished one with it. You go from one you’ve just ascended to the highest level of that ascention. SO the best use for it is the last 80 levels of a 5 star hero AFTER you’ve gone through the process of ascending him the last time.

The Epic Tokens you have are used in the summoning portal. Most players wait until a Seasonal Portal is up that has heros that they don’t have yet. Some use them exclusively at Christmas, as that is seen as the best seasonal portal. I use them only when a Seasonal portal is up AND I haven’t gotten the hero of the month yet.


@Mikal explained it perfectly.

Happy gaming