Ideas for this game

I think that the game needs something different that will revolutionize it and make it a little different from the copies that have emerged lately … such as Mythwars or Dragon Strike! I have been playing for a year and a half and during that time this game became very monotonous, without great news that will keep you wanting to continue playing it, and that is what everyone thinks of my alliance and also many other players that I have known … My idea to keep this game alive for much longer, would be the increase of a market where you could exchange heroes, itens or other things … it is true that the game could lose money with this, but Of course, it was necessary to do it in a very well thought out way, as for example, to have access to the exchange market it would be mandatory to buy a pass with a certain duration, or with a certain limitation of exchanges between players (ex: 1 market pass with duration of a week and with permission of 5 changes that could cost about € 5, a pass with a duration of one month, with a limit of 20 changes that could cost about € 20). I am sure that about 60% of all the players who play this game would buy this pass, and it would be a big money infection for the developers of the game … I think it is a good idea for the game, I hope you read all this and listen to me … I don’t want the Empires and Puzzles to die so soon !!

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