Ideas for the game, Monthly CUP

This is gonna be a long post, so I’m gonna split it in chapters:

  1. State of the game
  2. Improvements
    • weapons
    • public statistics and hall of fame
    • monthly cup

Lets have a real talk and put things on the table as they are. From a design point of view, the game is going down hill. Maybe it is not their purpose per say, but it all feels like a crazy money grab. Everything is for sale. There are 4-5 popup offers at any given time. There isn’t a day when there isn’t a special summon portal active.
Sure, a game must sell, but this craze of having something to spend money as its sole focus is ruining the game. We have reached a point where they release extremely overpowered heroes that make everyone’s rooster feel obsolete. The game has reached a point where it shuffles through heroes and they have a very reduced lifespan. Think of the Slayers. They were such a big thing when they were released, now they are nowhere to be seen.
This results in 2 things:

  • Game is frustrating people. Having heroes that obliterate everything in defense leaves little room to do much. Regardless of your team, if the board doesn’t give you the tiles at the start, there isn’t coming back because if a Sobek, Octros casts, its all over. Basically the outcome relies way too much on the board and less on their skill. When a game feels 90% out of your control its a sure way to trigger the players.
  • Game lacks a purpose. It has become this weird hero chase where we max heroes to win wars, to get items, to have to max other new stronger heroes so we can use them to win… to max the next batch. Its a revolving door.
    I could rant for days about whats wrong with the game but that’s not my main purpose. I’m just building a setting so to better point out the improvements I’m suggesting.


  1. Stop releasing (so many) heroes, stop making costumes. Instead of this. Implement Upgrade items for existing heores. Hopefully without monetizing them too much (like they did with limit breaks)
    UPGRADE ITEMS should be something to add to your existing heroes. They could be class oriented or color oriented.
  • An item that you feed to a dark hero that adds 200 poison dmg to its special skill
  • An item that you feed to a druid hero that adds a 15% attack/defense minion to its special skill
  • An item that you feed to a holy hero that adds 30% blind to its special skill
  • An item that gives 50% extra dmg to a fighter hero
    you get the idea. Basically you get to improve what you have already maxed and make your heroes unique. There would be some balancing needed in the sense of not being able to add 1000 items to one hero, but having them color/class specific would be quite interesting in itself.
  1. Make Player statistics public and extend on it. Add more info. For example add a “highest rank on global cups ranked ever achieved”. And let anyone whom looks at your profile see these statistics. Whats the point of having them if u cant easily brag with them?

    Lets face it, the global rank means nothing. its volatile, has little purpose and it plain irrelevant to battle for. Game needs a real competition.

At the start of the month, the player base that register for the competition is drawn in 1 vs 1 matches. Each player sets 5 defense teams and have 5 attacks. This really is something where each player has its rooster tested and everyone can develop its own personal strategy.
Its basically a 1 vs 1 war. The player that gets the most points advances the round.
A month is sufficient for this because the players left in the CUP gets halved every day.
You start with 1 mil players, the next day there are only 500k left and so on.

The matchmaking is 100% random (unlike weekly tournaments) but there is a safety net.
The cup is split into 2. Upper Bracket and Lower Bracket. If you are eliminated from the Upper Bracket, next day you go into the lower bracket. So basically everyone can lose once. This should reduce frustrations of being matched with a very strong player early on.
The brackets get played each day and at the end of it all, the grand final is between the upper bracket winner and the lower bracket winner. (If you are confused by this 2 bracket setup, look at other e-sports games like Dota2)

Prizes should be given to everyone accordingly to how far they made it into the CUP and there should be statistics recorded on a Hall of Fame and everyone’s public statistics page. This would give the game a purpose. Imagine having a badge that says you are the winner of June 2022 CUP and everyone can see this. Im sure youtube content creators would love this.

One wish for the game: make it possible to lock the defs in war and tournament. So the change of a costume cannot affect them.

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I support the idea that season 1 Heroes should be either adopted into existing families or have new families created for them.

Marjana would make an excellent example of a new pirate family. A pirate family of living people instead of the undead pirate family that already exists.

(I would also transfer Misandra into that new living pirate family as she would fit there better than in the Lagoon family.)

Naturally, this all walks hand in hand with the need for new quests that involves story instead of just creating lottery after lottery after lottery. This game is simply overcrowded with Heroes at this time.

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thats indeed a quality of life improvement.
I would also make it easier so that when you are giving emblems to a costume, the tree is shown side by side and u dont have to swap from main to costume.

i heard they are gonna make a S1 family bonus. We’ll see whats that about. But yea, Misandra looks like she belongs to the Pirates… so does Marj. Especially with her costume lol.

I never liked blanket family bonuses.

I’m really hoping that the season 1 Heroes get distributed among other families or get created into a new specific family.

As for the pirate family, it has to be a new LIVING pirate family because the current existing pirate family consists of undead characters, as well as that fish creature that walks on two legs and looks more at home in the Atlantis family. :slight_smile: