Ideas for season 1

On another post I suggested that they should make a new hard side for season 1 starting at province 15, where season two opens up for new players…I want to also suggest that when players finish this new hard side of season 1 that the Outposts become open to attack from other players…in other words, you would be required to defend you turf.

I wouldn’t be opposed to inserting a hard mode in S1 at some point.
But include some quality of life stuff rather than a monetary spin

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What would happen if people defeated your outposts?

An all-out turf war!

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So…like a 1 v 1 alliance war?

Do they get to steal resources?

Is there some kind of matchmaking to stop strong players steamrolling everyone?

Is there loot?

How many times can you be attacked?

If you lose them what happens?


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Would the reward system, if there was any for this Hard mode, be worth playing Hard mode for the first time? Or would it just be a harder stage with no benefit outside maybe slightly more loot upon completion?

Not against it, mind you. S1, with the way every other season’s been made, is the odd-ball, with 21 outposts (that can’t necessarily be replayed), early stages having as low as 4 to 6 stages, first two provinces with a one wave boss fight, and Province 23 being the only province of that Map with 11 stages.

…god, I’m now remembering when I barely had many 4* heroes to work with and those last few provinces felt like a peek in difficulty and being unable to do a lot of winning/surviving with stacking.

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