Ideas for new heroes specials


Can we have more unique heroes? I mean all the heroes so far are either do direct damage or healing or increase defence.

Can we have heroes specials that can alter the board.

  1. Charging: spawning more red or blue into the board.

  2. Gathering mana: randomly destroy 6 or seven colours and increase mana to those heroes of the destroyed colours.

  3. Taunt: heroes will increase its defence by 50% and absorb all incoming hits for 4 turns.

  4. Share mana: all matched mana are distributed among heroes.

  5. Hidden trap: have a special tile that every time it’s match it does extra damage and moved to a different location.

  6. Battering ram: heroes destroyed a whole row or column dealing damage but does not generate mana.


I like the taunt one thats cool


excellent ideas Quan. I hope they implement at least one.


Good idea. I have since I started playing been asking devs about getting heroes to be able to manipulate the board.

I also like (adding to your numbering)
7: crystal power: clear the board of all of the same colour as the hero (i.e. the equivalent of “a diamond”). Either as a particular special or always there as an alternative to doing a heros special.

8: The magican: Being able to switch tiles that are not adjacent to each other. Just once or it could be turn based, like being able to do this for 3 turns.

There are more of course. I like all your suggestions. I would really like to see this sort of thing implemented as it would be a way to try and save bad boards and make the switching part of the game more fun and rewarding.


These are all such cool ideas, and really well thought out! The only problem I see is that a hero with one of these specials would end up being useless on a defense team, since a defense team does not use the board to generate mana when being raided. Just a thought.


Yeah that’s a good point tallman. I think these character will need to have an alternate power during defence.


True. But I ultimately use different hero’s for attack and defense…


This; there’s room for heroes that are only good in one or two phases of the game even (you don’t have to look past Li Xiu on that count), and many of the specials listed would be good for 3 phases (map, raid attack, titan). If raid defense is their one weakness, that’s better than most heroes I have in my limited pool.


@Rook @Revelate These are awesome points, I do the same thing myself. I just can’t imagine the devs going through the trouble of building, testing, and releasing heroes that players will ultimately only use in part of the game. These heroes would be great for experienced players like us who understand that you need different heroes for different teams, but it just seems like that isn’t their marketing strategy. I could be completely wrong though. :thinking:


Well some heroes are kinda pigeonholed as it is between comments on the forum and experience in game assuming people have other options.

  1. Vivica - raid defense
  2. Wu Kong - Titan chasing (Murphy’s Law applies for raids with him just sayin’)
  3. LX - raids in general typically

You can use them in other places, but they’re just not as awesome. I mean with how combo generation and lucky cascades work, some of those tile change / tile clear ones would be seriously buff, and I’m already starting to level heroes pretty much just for titan whackage… I’d powerlevel those tile change specials for example.

In general I don’t think the developers entirely know how heroes will play out, it’s nearly impossible to foresee all the permutations that a large player base will come up with, balance is really the key thing and if they can achieve that the game will be better for it.

My thinking anyway.


This is exactly why I love discussion forums. A great response with reasoning, examples, and an opinion backed by personal experience. Hopefully the devs get to take a look at it. And for the record, I am with you I just have my doubts about it actually happening. I’ve really got to work on my optimism. Lol.



I was just going to suggest something similar when I was shown this thread as having already suggested it.

I’ve been playing this game for about 2 years now. When I started playing I noticed something was missing that most games in this genre have - Orb Changers. No matter, I figured it was a young game that was just getting started with a handful of hero characters and Orb Changers would come later. I predicted that they’d be added within a year.

Well, I waited…and waited…and waited. No orb changers. I think it’s something that’s needed and something that would make mono-color teams fun to play. The June Hero, Gravemaker, is a step in this direction. His special boosts the Red heros on your team.

Let’s say they add heros like this. You could put together a team with something like this…

Red Attack Booster (Boldtusk, Gravemaker)
Red Healer
New Hero - Skill changes all Blue Orbs to Red
New Hero - Skill changes all Green Orbs to Blue
Red AOE Attacker

You wait until the specials are charged and have the effect of changing all green and blue orbs on the field to Red then watch the carnage.


Picking up this older thread:

  • Block Buffs. This is the inverse of part of Aeron’s special: target (and nearby? all?) are blocked from receiving new buffs for n turns. For example, cast this before an opposing Boldtusk fires, and the afflicted foes do not get the attack buff. This would need to be part, not all, of a special and would be particularly powerful paired with a debuff.
  • Steal Buffs. This special removes all non-dispellable buffs from foes (target? and nearby?) and moves them to the caster (and nearby?). So if opposing Kiril casts, this special removes the attack/defense buffs from (some of) his allies and shifts them over to your side.
  • Share the Pain. This special is the flip of Steal Buffs. This special removes status ailments from (caster? caster and nearby?) and afflicts them on the (target? and nearby?).


Heroes that would affect the board means it will also affect the Troops, I will prefer instead that the speciality of the hero to enhance its associated color troop/tiles or even have enhancement on the nearby allies troop/tiles as well?