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On summons gate, using personal money should give you greater chance of non duplicate heros and higher rank/rarity. Ive spent over $100 within the past month and keep getting screwed.


I’m not really sure what you’re asking for here. Not sure what you mean buy ‘personal money’ as opposed to another kind.

If you bought enough gems to perform a 10x summons, and did so 3 or 4 times, I would expect that you’d have maybe 3 or 4 4* heroes, and maybe 1 or 2 5* heroes.

That being said, that would be a guess, and average. I’ve done a 10X summons and got nothing but 3* heroes, and I’ve done a 10x and had 2 5* heroes and 4, 4* heroes. So without knowing exactly what you got in this time frame, there’s no way to say if you were on the bad or good end of the RNG spectrum.

If you’re doing elemental summons, rather than just the regular epic, I will almost promise you that you will always get a duplicate hero. While there are certainly plenty of varying heroes of each color, keep in mind that in the grand scheme of things, assuming you have 9 different heroes for your first 9 summons, there’s a very good chance that your 10th hero will be one of those 9.

Lastly, I want to go to great lengths to stress that you are not getting screwed by any means. You chose to spend your money in a certain way, and 10, 3* heroes, even duplicates or ones you don’t plan to use are insanely valuable, to either train them, use them for upcoming events, or to feed to 4 or 5* heroes. They give a great deal more experience and that alone is worth the money to some.


By personal money , im refering to buying gems as opposed to earning them
through missions. I do understand that it was my choice to spend money on
this game. Ive done multiple 10x summons both elemental and epic.

Throughout the past 3 times ive recieved only 2 5* heros. Both of the same
color all others are either 3* or 4* duplicates. Now i have read the small
print and do understand that the advertised are just examlpes of heros i
could receive. I just wish there would be more of the advertised heros
being recieved.

It does at the time of 10x summons feel like im being “screwed” because of
the fact im spending $ 20-30 at a time
On :gem: bundles for summons and recieving the duplicates and lower ranks.

My post was not intended to be a complaint, rather an idea ro increase the
chance of higher rank, and lower the chance of duplicates on 10x summons.

On training i can understand that being the case.
Thank you,


If you earn gems through missions and chests/titans, it takes weeks to get enough for a single elemental summons. I don’t think there’s a need to make any changes to the rarity of the drops.

Unless you got them in the same elemental pull, you wouldn’t have gotten two 5* heroes of the same color. So keep that in mind. Also, elemental summons have a higher chance of getting 4 and 5* heroes than the regular epic summons.

If you enough for a decent team of 4 heroes and a 5*, then you have all you need to get in the top several hundred players. You’re better off than you think.


I think the current rarity drop rate is fine. By getting duplicates you can use them for leveling up your other heroes with a higher percentage chance of leveling up their special too.


I believe monetary spend should attract more concrete reward.
I’m not willing to (essentially) gamble my real world money for only a reasonably small chance of return. The result is I just don’t spend on the game. (I spent £45 to get to where I am - a team of 4* of which only 2 so far are maxed… but now face massive diminishing returns for monetary spend, so now refuse further spend. The game will start to get stale, and I will leave before long).

Sure you have many who are willing to continue to spend… I expect it appeals a lot to those who see an excitement in the gambling aspect (or have the money to spend their way out of the frustration of waiting).

I suspect SG will get more overall spend on the game with more sure reward (i.e. a more generous economy)… but this obviously raises the counterpoint that people will very quickly spend their way to maxed / invincible teams. That point would need to be addressed.

I suggested a possibility of a form of (opt in) ladder/league where hero and item drop rates are improved (and can perhaps be accompanied by minimum guaranteed quality for $x spend), but with the flip side that your heros will reset or expire after a while. Wasn’t a popular suggestion, but something of the ilk would be necessary if you are going to introduce any sort of guarantee for spend. I still feel it’s worth exploring, but would have to be as an additional ‘opt in’ mode instead of forcing the current player community over to it en mass.