Ideas for future Event Theme

A couple of players in a line group did some ‘brainstorming’ yesterday about a possible fifth event theme (green reflection is missing).

We came up with three possible themes.
Gods (not specific if Greek, Roman, Nordic)
Arabian Nights (Aladdin etc.)

So just in case somebody is working on it …

I know there’s about a billion gods to chose from, but a lot of old HOTM were based on them, and some of the basic fire heroes seem to be loosely Arabic. Vikings would be cool though.

Titans would be cool. I want a trident-throwing mermaid to go with the machine gun rabbit I lust after in the summon portal.

A space themed event with elemental aliens that give some sort of toxic damage would be nice or maybe a robot themed event.

I vote for MONSTERS.

That kinda thing. Ability wise… you don’t directly control them. You can’t choose when their ability activates. They’re in a constant state of “might attack your heroes” (20% chance). But their counting stats are natively higher, and they’ve got some wicked abilities. (None of which are support or team oriented.)


Comparable to an enhanced Evil Wu in some ways? That could be fun, though the monster abilities would have to be pretty good to make me consider the trade-off of levelling them over regular heroes.

Create a new quest called arabian nights with new heros for example Aladin, a djinn,…
Like the Aladin television series by Walt Disney

Aladin is nothing without the genie, and carpet…

@alex_2712 A couple other people liked this idea too:

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Probably nothing without Abu either… Or better yet, without Jafar fishing him out of the crowds of streets of Agrabah to send him to the Cave of Wonders, he would not have had the chance to find the carpet or the genie, and return triumphantly to woo Jasmine and ultimately defeating the evil sorcerer.

Sometimes your greatest adversaries / enemies are your path to your greatest achievements.

evil fairies. leprachauns. gnomes.

dragons nest. baby dragons. wyverns.

thusa doom. snake people. reptile people

We have the sand quest with a gafar

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The bosses from the later S1 Provinces were very Cthulhu-esque. SG should develop that theme into a full blown event the way they did Morlovia into the Halloween Vamps.

Am new to this and Wonderland is my first. Favorite of my father,along wIth OZ stories… great characters there. And then Olivet Twist … thanks for the invention

I myself have been thinking about future events. I don’t know how the licensing would work but how cool would it b to incorporate an Anime Character event. Think of all the great fighters like Kenchin Himura or Jubei from way back in Ninja Scroll. U could even have characters like Spike from Bebop who would b wicked with his fighting and gun as say special attack along with luck. Which he had plenty of. Lol

Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Since we’ve already have King Arthur and Sir Lancelot, they could include:

  • 5-star green Knight of Ni and his special Path of Shrubberies;
  • 5-star purple Black Knight, attacking even after losing all his limb-minions;
  • 5-star green Killer Bunny, an assassin version of our Springvale buddies;
  • 4-star blue The French Taunter, to counterbalance the Queen of Hearts. And fetche la vache!
  • 4-star yellow Brave Sir Robin with a Runaway Special.

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I want this one for next Easter.
And ‘balance’ it with a debuff that could be canceled by Aeron.

Zombies all day. Like Zombie Brand from League of Legends style, or classic Resident Evil type heros.

Problem is you missed the jabberwocky, and the bandersnatch. Possibilities are better for non copyright so i think OZ falls in

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