Ideas for an interesting game

There are several proposals.
First of all, what will have to be bought for real money:

  1. Make the acceleration of building construction (for example, 2 times) - the cost of 3-5 dollars.
  2. Enter the promotion once a month / quarter with the purchase of 10 heroes with a 30-50% discount, but only for the money. This action should work immediately with the menu for the acquisition of heroes. Similarly you can consider and detachments 3 and 4 stars.
  3. Add in promotional sales for 600-1500 crystals of heroes 4 and / or 5 stars. Either by the principle of guaranteed to receive or receive at least 2 of …
  4. Add on the 20th level of the citadel portal of eternity / underworld / heroes (here for consideration or on a permanent basis or also activation for a month for 3-5 dollars). In this portal quests are activated - once in 2-3 days with a chance of falling out 3-4-5 star characters and rare things from 3 stars and higher necessary for the rebirth of the heroes.
  5. For 5-7 dollars per month: add another location (ghost / cloud / mystical) for four buildings: a) the market - allows you to change the resources of iron-meat for your own needs, the ratio of exchange to correlate with the level of the building; b) training camp for detachments; c) recruitment of recruits for the production of heroes and orders for iron / meat; d) training camp in which it is possible to get MAGIA trainers - for the possibility of 25-50-75-100% pumping magic - this is so that you can prove magic to the heroes who have the maximum level of pumping, but not magic. The pumped buildings do not disappear after the expiry of the term, but become inactive. When you re-activate the location, you can continue to use the buildings

Secondly, just cosmetic improvements:

  1. Reconsider the magic of the heroes in the part of adding to each color their individual unique features (fire-burning, nature-reduction / increase in damage, ice-reduction / increase in defense, order-decrease in accuracy, chaos-poison)
  2. Redraw the Hero Cards with a change in appearance when pumping and increasing ranks.
  3. Add rewards for 5-10-15-30 days of permanent entry
  4. Make rewards for the main tasks on the map
    If you need to describe in more detail the ideas - here is my number whatsapp +79787883711
  1. There is already a 2x builder available as part of a VIP package for $4.99, along with extra gems and Summons, etc.

  2. Why are these items available “only for money”?

  3. I think putting up heroes directly for sale is a mistake.

  4. I like the idea of a portal that gives extra chances of say ascension items. Hmm!

  5. Like 3, I’m against directly monetizing a large feature of the game, but that’s just me.

Cosmetic improvements:

  1. Okay? Not sure what you meant here.

  2. Again, ?

  3. Id love to know what you meant here.

  4. I like rewards. :wink:

Let’s keep the discussion here on the Forum.

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Hero storage can be permanently increased in an option in the Resources tab in the shop. Initially an increase of five heroes costs 50 gems, but after a while it goes up to 100, then 150 gems. I don’t know if it goes higher than that.

. I know that there is a second builder. This is the function of speeding up the construction. The builder is given for 1 month, in 2 times the acceleration is for one building. Who wants to build faster - uses, who does not want - no.
2. This is the action. For example: you can save 2,600 crystals and buy 10 heroes or use the action and buy heroes, but for the money (in an equivalent conversion for 1300 crystals).
3. Similar sales exist for 3-star heroes - why do they bypass the heroes of higher ranks?
4. only the loss of objects? but what about the loss of heroes 4 and 5 stars? )))
5. The offer is made for money, due to the fact that at the 20th level there is no longer a possibility to build additional buildings. But this function can be implemented in another way. How do you like the idea of ​​adding the above buildings?

Cosmetic improvements

  1. I had in mind the following: the given abilities to assign to the color of the heroes (a vivid example of the magic ramming bulletizer - it has heroes of blue, purple and red colors). According to the proposal for each color, the effect of this magic should be different.
  2. I have not seen any hampering in the appearance of the heroes ever.
  3. In the game there is an everyday bonus in the form of a daily call equivalent to a silver medal (the VIP package for $ 4.99 is not considered). The idea is to improve the reward for a daily call within a certain time (for example, on the 30th day, give an appeal equivalent to a gold medal). If I missed the day, the countdown starts anew. This will stimulate daily attendance of the game both at the start and in the future. In my opinion
  • Offering direct sale of 4/5* heroes imbalances the game, making the game direct P2W, and turning off its F2P players. (Some say this has already happened in other ways, but I am answering your question.)

  • While the game currently stops at lvl 20 for existing buildings, that does not mean the game designers might not add lvls In the future, or open additional areas to the Stronghold. We simply don’t know at this time.

  • I like the idea of a daily countdown bonus. (I’m always going to be “for” any loot bonuses given to all players that do not imbalance the game.) :wink:

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