Ideas before launching AW to all alliances!

  1. First of all and the most important is to change the matchmaking after the preparation day. Like this the matching is made fairly. SG will know how many defenses are set, the value of them and do it properly. Like this no player in a alliance is feeling guilty of not participating in war because the matching will search an alliance with the same number of players or power. In the same time dead alliances, who are lot of them in the bottom of the leaderboards will not participate. Imagine to be Match up with a dead alliance without defense set up? What’s happening in this case? Also, this prevents an uneven match-up in case of people joining the alliance in preparation day.
  2. I hear a lot of complaints regarding loot in AW. My opinion is to keep it like this but to implement a WAR CHEST. The members can open this chest at 3 victories in AW. Like this winning a War is more important that is right now.
    3.Winning a war or losing must have an implication in the score of the alliance. Like killing titans do. No need of a separate leaderboard only for AW, in my opinion.

Can we please not duplicate posts?

Which prevents duplicate responses to #3 that I absolutely want a war specific scoreboard as I want to know who won and who lost; incidentally that helps drive community interaction which the current leaderboard in large part fails at.

Current alliance leaderboard fails on a number of levels (it simply isn’t representative of a real alliance ranking list currently), SG can and should do better for AW.

Like every leaderboard in this game you will see the first 100. So the chances to see your alliance there is small. If you are in the top ok I understand you but for the 99% of other alliances is something not so important.

Then why are you suggesting it should be factored into Alliance Score where it’s just lost in the weeds? You see comments about the top alliances and curiosity even in the global channels by people who absolutely aren’t in them.

Just yesterday case in point someone said they’d love to see two 7D alliances match up with each other in Peer Support. Personally I absolutely want to see Reborn vs. Hunting or Emerging vs. Condemned: both matchups would be quality and incredibly entertaining for me and a lot of others I suspect.

Also if we’re just talking opinions being relevant in the top 100, unlike some of my AW comments which apparently have been dismissed because my main plays in a top 5 alliance, this one I’m absolutely qualified to speak on: the leaderboard as it exists today isn’t an accurate representation of alliance rank, and adding AW statistics into it isn’t likely to be better, and doing that rather than a separate leader board achieves nothing when it comes to community interaction.

Really they should wind up doing a March Madness style tournament or similar and show matches to everyone, but that’s way in the future… for now I’d be happy with just seeing the results and to do that there needs to be a different scoreboard of some sort.

Ok I get it… I’m not against this ideea, but let’s be honest already the war is only for the big guys. I think make a leaderboard is not a priority. The AW like it is now is optimized only for top alliances, like I said in my first point of the comment,If they don’t change the matching system it will be a disaster for the rest of the players.

That’s like saying titans are optimized for top alliances because only they take down 10* titans regularly. Assuming they get the matching algorithm correct, AW should be fun for every alliance (at least, those that like competition). The changes introduced earlier today (slower revenge bar, in particular) will make battling less frustrating for those players with thinner teams. But you’re going head-to-head with a similar alliance; why won’t that be fair and balanced?

What I said is that bellow 80 k points you find dead alliances… And you have no defense set to atack. What will happen? 0-0? Also if a alliance is not full and after matchmaking come 4,5 players in preparation day, what will happen with your chances to win? I said that matchmaking is better to be done after preparation day. Like this is no risk to have an uneven war… In the top 200 is no chance to meet this situation but down here will be a problem. That’s my point of view when I said that war is optimized only for the big ones.

I agree with matching after prep.
I also would like them to force a defense team on all players

I agree, @r4dioh3ad – which is why I prefaced my reply with “Assuming they get the matching algorithm correct…”. I very much like your idea for “set, then match” instead of “match, then set” currently used. There’s no reason I can think of to change what team you set based on who you are facing.

P.S. and if an alliance fails to set any team, it’s simply left out, neatly solving the inactive alliance issue.


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