Ideas and imporvment for the game to make more fun

Ive been playing the game for over a year and am in a very competitive alliance " SALT OVERLOAD "

We were discussing some fun ideas that we think it would be awesome for the game

1 - open chat with alliance we are with war at… with optional mute incase when dealing with sore losers

2 - CIVIL WAR ! YES ! A war within the alliance it self… we get to chose modfiers and teams . Or optional random matching

3 - raid against yourself i read before but i love it … to test you defense … no loot . No flags wasted . Nothing gained or lost … just a free play

4 - survival level : a level that is with endless heros with a new set of flags … required level 45 . 2 flags that respawns every 12 hours maybe . The more rounds you pass the better the loot…

5- inside raids 3 flags a day … you only gain or lose 1 trophy no matter the level and its only done with " challenge request "

Tell me what do you guys think ???

I know if course we need to fix the random titan loot and pulls rate and so on . But this game is still pretty cool and smallgiant will keep imporving it i hope :ok_hand:

Hi there! It’s helpful to have a single idea per post, to make voting make sense.

But most of these ideas already exist.

Please see: Alliance War chat with Opponents

And also: Idea: Ability to watch war fights in progress [MASTER]

Several similar ideas have been consolidated there, in addition to being able to watch War hits.

Please see: War idea... intra-alliance wars

Please see: [Implemented - V35] Implement Defense Team Testing. 🛡

Please see: Survival / Continual Battle / Endless Wave Mode - Master Thread

I’m not sure what you mean by this exactly. If you search and can’t find a thread for this idea, you could make a new one to explain it further.

As this thread is mostly duplicate ideas, it will be closed.

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