Ideas and criticisms

Dear developers,

I write for a criticism having now reached the limit of endurance.

It will not only be a (heavy) criticism but I will also insert ideas to improve this situation.

After more than a year and a half from the formation of our alliance and after creating a nice group of friends I started to lose members and friends because of the politics and management of a game now evidently marked solely and exclusively on taking money from players without a minimum guaranteed premium and without a minimum of respect for us.

I lost two players because after more than 18 months of play and hundreds of calls they end up with 2 or 3 5-star heroes while other players end up with dozens of 5 stars (even doubles) with a slightly different number of calls.

The ascension materials: Players with only 3 yellow heroes, have a handful of poisonous darts and maybe 15 or 20 telescopes without blue heroes.

Now I wonder how such a thing is possible. Must be a limit to everything.

The famous new buildings to change the material situation are absolutely bad jokes: they can only be used by those who are already at very high levels and still and exclusively based on luck and randomness.

I have never spent much money on the game but I have always spent something monthly because I like it and because I would like to support it.

_Put the possibility in some event to choose the materials and also put them in the monthly events for the completion of the stadiums (otherwise if they only take them and only those who finish in the first places, the strong will become stronger and stronger while the average players will always be left behind.);

_Put a minimum of 5 star heroes every tot calls (and not 200 if possible).

_Put the possibility (for example with a special token) to exchange or give / take a hero from a friend and member of the alliance (I would be happy to give 1 or 2 5-star heroes to the most unfortunate ones in my group). And maybe give them 2 of each of these exchange tokens immediately and one every 6 months and not to wait for the stroke of luck based solely and exclusively on fortuity.

Supporting such a policy becomes senseless; personally, my alliance and I will stop putting even one cent more into the game pending a change.

You have to learn to respect players. The game is getting really gross.

Sorry for my bad english.

Thank you and good day