Ideal defence team for War Healing? How many healers?

Again this war is about healing. We’re having a discussion in our ally :smiley:

As all my heroes regain 20% regularly (which could be put on 1 healer), i’m saying max 2 healers in war team. As opponents won’t come with a strong team with 3 healers (if i have 3 strong healers i will devide them over 3 teams in war) and you already have the advantage of regular healing, not dependent on tiles, I would even advice max 1 strong healer is enough in a defence war team.

What are your thoughts about this?

With healing:

  1. 1 strong healer (no itself and neighbours healer)
  2. 1 healer
  3. 2 healers, 1 strong
  4. 2 healers not perticular strong
  5. 3 or more healers.

Without healing this will be different i suppose.

I’d choose 1. (BT, Rigard or Delilah in my case, Melandor or Kiril would be a nice choice too i think, Kashtrek not because he only heals himself and neighbours, Vivica heals too? and Aeron might be good choices) and i’d put them on sides.

Kashhrek could still be your best bet for the tank’s position.

Tell you the truth?

Rigard Kashrek Boril Kashrek Wu Kong

Wish I had them like that :slight_smile:

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Oké, he’s very tankish :smiley: But do you also think in the healing case a 1 healer team will be best?

This were my previous team, now I’ll try that:

Id say to keep at least 2 healers, if one of them is Kashhrek then the other should be a (5) team healer. With enemy aid’s help even a little heal as Boldtusk’s special will do.

We were so overpowered in our previous match that I can’t tell how my defense would do normally with three healers. I do know that with the teams I attacked, their healers were really hard to take out. My best team with three healers took out a single remaining kiril after a really, really long battle.

Last war I went with just Ares as my healer and may swap Rigard back in and put him in a corner. People had a tough time with tanky healers in corners last war from my alliance, so worth trying. I wouldn’t go more than 2 healers though as you wont have the power to not just get sniped one by one, in general.

I found raiding easier with the healer heavy defense since with no arrows i only needed to worry about half the team doing any kind of damage to me. On a fresh attack, with moderate to strong teams it was pretty easy to take out the heros that were a threat, then take the healers down.

Tanky corner healers on a cleanup with a weak team was more difficult however, as you either charged with tiles, or by ghosting the aid faster.