Ideal 4* defense team

I have a couple questions;
1.) how many healers is optimal on a defense team? I’m currently using two, I just don’t know if I should be opting for higher damage output or survivability.
2.) assuming two healers is good, I’m using Sabina and my question is for my second healer is kiril or boldtusk better for defense?
3.) how good is Wu Kong on defense? He’s obviously incredible in every offensive situation but I think on defense I’m order for him to be most effective you need to use heroes with specials that target multiple enemies, and that’s obviously troublesome against perfect riposte attackers.

This basically depends on what you have on your roster.

Also, what does ideal mean? Depends on what trophy level you are talking about.

For fun:
Tank - Kashrek
Flank - Caedmon and Rigard
Outer - Grimm (I just love to use him) and Kiril/Li Xiu

Kashrek alone usually annoys the hell out of people. No defense is perfect though.

Wu is usually a gamble and is terrible if he is the last hero standing (so no for him).

I usually have between 2000-2300 trophies. I do have a kashrek but I haven’t started leveling him yet. You suggested a bunch of heroes I haven’t been leveling lol that kind of misses the point of my questions. I don’t mean ideal team as in the perfect 4* team, I meant within the framework of my three questions.

Q1 - 2 healers are optimal for balanced team (1 if you are playing hard and fast)
Q2 - Kiril would be the preferred one / BT works well as well

There are 2 ways I usually play this.

1 x healer/buffer
3 x fast hitters (Caedmon/Chao/Scarlett/Kelile)
1 x debuffer (Pulverizing Trio would usually do the trick)

2 x healers
1 x fast hitter
1 x debuffer
1 x all hitter (Colen/LJ/Skittle/Li Xiu)

Not more than two.

Kiril if in the tank’s spot.

As you wrote he isn’t bad if paired with fast AoE defenders (Scarlett or Jack O’Hare), otherwise it isn’t worthy.
Is better to not put him on defenses with slow heroes as Colen.

Save Wu for offense. If you are using 2 healers I would use Kiril and Boldtusk. Krashrek as tank. Flanked by Grimm and Li. Then ends are Boldtusk and Kiril.

If you are going with 1 healer I would go with Kiril and add Little John.

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As a purely theoretical answer, something like Kashhrek / Caedmon / Kashhrek / Little John / Kashhrek might be close to optimal, at least for holding cups.

I could use some advice if any one is willing. My 4* hero’s are Kellie Sonya, Sabina, Melendor, G Jackel. All fully ascended. Then Gormec, boomer, Ceadmon , Grimm, Chao, 3\60. Boldtusk Gafar, HuTao, Jabbar, kashhrek. The team I’m using is doing me no good. That is the fully ascended team. Was wonder who should be offense who should be defense?

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Good for offense and also depends on how you combo them:
Melendor / Jackal / Caedmon / Grimm / Boldtusk / Gormek

Chao is meh unless you combine him with Jackal. Sonya is weaker than Caedmon. HuTao and Jabbar can be thrown away IMO. Boomer can also be thrown away.
Kashrek is great as a defense tank.

Tank candidate: Kashhrek, Boldtusk, Gormek, Jabbar
Wing candidate: Kelile, Sonya, G. Jackal, Caedmon, Chao, Gafar

(actually) you could go with: G. Jackal - Sabina - Gormek - Sonya - Kelile

But you could end with this formation:
Gafar - Grimm - Kashhrek - Sonya - G. Jackal

For attacks just have a Boldtusk, Gafar and G. Jackal (as a core formation) and swap the last two spots to exploit defending teams.

For defense, in this order: Sabina, Grimm, Boldtusk, Caedmon, Chao

For attacking, use BT for the attack boost, either Grimm or Gormek for the defense debuff, one of Sonya/Caedmon/Sabina/Melendor for the dispel, and two more hitters chosen from Chao, Jackal, Kelile, Sonya, or Gafar. Make sure you are doubling up on the strong color against the enemy tank. Don’t attack with a rainbow team.

Get those heroes maxed as soon as you can. If you pull Wu Kong, he moves to the front of the line.

I forgot I just pulled Merlin and sir lancealot. Would either of those help better? My thing is raids. Been getting my butt handed to me went from 1964 trophies to 1708. Need a better team.

Merlin is great but strictly on offense. His special is very valuable deployed strategically, but the AI plays only a little better than my cat. Lancelot, too, is good but tricky to place. I’d stick with the other red heroes you’ve got for now.

Did you notice that Kelile got a nice buff? Hey DoT is now 360 over 6 turns, which increases if you’ve got decent troops with her.

I have barbaric alpha minotaurs at level 6. For red hero’s.

For defense I like boldtusk tank, flank of Sabina on the left and Grimm on the right, put chao on Caedmon on the wings. The reason is that fast hitters on the outside is great, and for the middle 3 boldtusk is the best tank obviously and when you put a secondary healer next to him (sabIna) it’s so much harder to kill your team, and Sabina is on left and Grimm is on right because Sabina heals your team and removes your enemy buffs. Let’s say they have a defense buff or perfect riposte. She dispels that first before Grimm does his thing

Healers are best in the middle 3 spots because they charge faster. I don’t know why people like to put healers on the outside wings. They just won’t charge fast enough to heal the team and if they’re the last standing, well it’s game over. Healers should be up front taking damage and charging their ability.