Idea what to do with iron?

Hi there Players,

I’m thinking eveytime i log in to the game, why i need iron and food so much? On Food i remember: "oh they’re for the recruits and leveling up heroes and troops… Right! But still not found out for iron. On high levels everything is build up to 20 what you need. Only for making dragon breath or something like that.

You guys help me balance it or have other ideas.

My idea ist to get an boost (maybe double the speed) of a Building to do his job. For example the most common one the barracks building heroes, something that would take a day to train, could be temporary speed up. maybe 30 Minutes for 400k iron and a few gems about 10 (not stackable on one building) so every second there will be gone 2 seconds from the timer.

Or food outcome will be doubled on Mills.

So we have an option to get loss on the iron and the gems are for SG

What do you guys think.

(caught any writing issues? You can keep em:D)

Hello @Quarks123,

first of all we all hope that this suggestion will be implemented:

We might need food then (I hope so as well as I will never finish my mission to mine enough food when my storaged are full all the time).

But I really like the idea to use the iron even for other things as speed up processes.

You are not alone. See here:

Maybe you ask for to link both topics?