[IDEA] Wars disabled by default

As alliance co-leader I’m often facing situation that someone who joined just to help for titan is assigned to war, then he leave alliance and we have ex-member.
Same with new members - I met plenty of “quiet ones”, who never speak and don’t know they are assigned to war (they do not attack or, even worse, do not create defence squad). Sometimes they are quite good titan hitters even when they’re low level.
I will be useful if wars will be disabled by default - if you want to join, you need to join manually. Or give leader and co-leader ability to kick members from war.

+1 from this outlier (who doesn’t participate in wars).

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There are so many threads about this, that it is obviously a pain point. Most of the ideas focus on the granting the leader of an alliance the ability to boot someone out of a war (based on previous unused flags, etc.)

I like this idea because (a) it is relatively low-effort (I assume) because it toggles a default setting and (b) it would deftly solve for the usability issue whereby folks inadvertently opt-in to the war by traversing the tutorial.


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