IDEA: Use of legendary heroes in Challenge Events at Novice and Intermediate level

Hi all,

I’m sure many of us mostly focus on leveling our legendary (5*) heroes and 4* troops which restricts us from doing Novice and Intermediate levels of Trial quests as those are restricted to 3* and 4* heroes.

My suggestion is to allow 5* heroes in Novice and Intermediate Challenge quest line by adding a penalty - an undispellable debuff to the attacking team that reduces damage done by X percent and perhaps also reduces the damage of offensive special attacks. This penalty would enable players to use their favorite heroes without them being too powerful, i.e only as powerful as 3* or 4* heroes.

In regards to items, perhaps something similar can be done as well.

What do you think?

Are you talking about challenge event? You can use any hero in trials as long as their class match the trial class.


If im honest bro, i think its a good idea but the point of novice is to take up 3* space in our hero roster, and make us level a team or two up. If theyre taking space it might encourage us to increase our cap for gems.
Its also a lot of coding and equations for the developers to create, which has a possibility to decrease our spending on the game and also anger the guys that spent ages building up 3* teams just for this…

I cant see the developers going for it… its a great suggesting but when you think about it from a business stance which this is, cons outway pros

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Yeah, indeed I was speaking about Challenge quests. I’ll edit the original post.

In terms of coding, I cannot comment, just wanted to share the idea.

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Build some 3* teams.
It’s pretty simple, you keep the good 3*, and feed the rest.
Level them up in between your 5* as a break from the grind.

The building is part of the game.

They might come in handy for the raid challenges too.

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