Idea to make these bunnies better

So this is pretty much a suggestion for these bunnies of future heros who could make for an interesting tactic…

Master Lepus, imo, lacks anything great about him. Yes his attack is very powerful, but the -20defense is likely the reason I don’t see too many using him.

My suggestion is, during the 3 turns that his defense is at -20, it would be intriguing if he also had “invincible vs Green tile and special attacks for 3 turns and cannot be dispelled”.

This could make him a strategic hero against titans. Maybe need to lower his attack strenght, but he would be used more I think…

Just my humble opinion.

Or the reasons were that few people had him (that are still playing) and he recently got buffed, and Blue has a slew of good heroes to spend scopes on, or that even more people who actually are going to roll are waiting for the month to change over for a new HOTM… and even then they will have to build him.

He simply does not suck currently and while he may be squishy, so is Magni without his shield, so is Joon all the time, and the list goes on.

He’s actually pretty balanced as is, against multi-targets he produces some of the highest damage in the game, and there’s room for that in the meta.


I agree with @Revelate, the bunnies are very well balanced in my opinion. Squire Wabbit is the best 3* hero, Jack O’hare is probably the best 4* green all around (though others may be better in certain use cases), and Master Lepus is a strong contender, better than Thorne, Perseus, and perhaps even Richard. The bunnies’ defense reduction is meant to be a drawback, and your idea would actually make that factor another net increase in power. I really like the bunnies as they are, since they are the only heroes whose special offer both positive and negative effects. I hope that SG explores this design space further, creating more heroes with very powerful effects but meaningful drawbacks, so that players have to think about specials rather than mindlessly firing them whenever they are charged.


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