Idea to make Rankings and trophies more relevant


There could be 3 category ranks out there, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze - up to 3* heroes with up to 2* troops

Silver - up to 4* heroes with up to 3* troops

Gold - up to 5* heroes with up to 4* troops

At the end of the month, whoever is 1st in their respective category should get prizes similar to an elemental chest or something…

At the moment the ranking system has no relevance, trophies are worth nothing, people have 1* teams to lower trophies down to easily fill up the chests and use raid system as a resource source…

Give us something exciting to compete for, make trophies somehow relevant and worth for everyone to strive to be on top.


Well at least I like your naming of the categories (Bronze, Silver, Gold) as it isn’t confusing; “Beginner” sounds like 1-2* heroes could compete.

I will always approve of more prizes, and more people to get such prizes. :grin:


I think it’s quite a standard naming system. In League there’s Bronze->Silver->Gold->Platinum->Diamond->Master->Challenger

And of course the meme-born “Wood Division” blow bronze :rofl: Known also as Copper, Paper or Plastic.


I’d like a Dirt Level, but I don’t think that’s happening… :laughing:


I wish we could make our 2 and 3 * heroes into 4 or 5*. Getting summons, even when you pay for epic or legendary, can be a big disappointment for some and a grand prize for others. It’s like all your hard work and or money means little. There are really low level players that are way more powerful than me and I paid the $30 then bought more because everything I got was almost lame. In the end I paint close to $60.


Alas, the game is set that 2* stay 2* and others stay their level as well. I disagree with changing that game mechanic (when does the leveling stop? Will our heroes go to 11* and beyond?) :confused:

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I certainly don’t think we should get carried away with star levels, I just think it would be nice to allow the 2 and 3 * heroes to be bumped up a level or 2 for example if you get a good 3* hero that is maxed out and you are growing find a way to make that hero a 4*. I paid some good money for epic and legendary hero’s and got a bunch of 3heros, mostly healers and a couple 4 but they are healers too. Then the one good attacker was a 3*. I realize it’s a roll of the dice but I see folks that are way lower than me and have all thes 5 or 4* hero’s and far beyond me in power. It rots.

I realize it’s a roll of the dice but I’m a bit discouraged with all the money I spent to move at a snails pace. So if we could turn our 2 or 3* heroes into 4 etc. even with gems maybe… after getting maxed it that would help.

Mind you, I don’t think it should be Willy nilly or stars to infinity and beyond. I just think some of our hero’s deserve a better chance after accomplishing a good amount of growth and victory. Naturally there should be limitations and special tasks or something.


Have you tried the TC13 (Training Camp Lvl 13) to obtain 4*?

Yes, for awhile they churn out 3*, and it can be disheartening, but those who keep on with patience are rewarded, some faster than others. For comparison, I ran two TC13’s for roughly 36 Days before my first 4*: Melendor. I’ve since gotten Kashrek and Little John. I no longer run two TC13’s, but I still keep one running because of the very good chance of more 4*.

Maybe this will be of help to you. :wink: