Idea to enhance alliance worth


I recommend a feature that will allow alliances to grow as a team vs as individuals on a team. Right now, individuals leave and join alliances with no/limited repercussions because it is all about the individuals. Limiting item availability is somewhat ineffective. I recommend a positive twist to staying with an alliance. I recommend introducing Alliance attributes. Below are a few recommendations

  1. Resource donation to the alliance (food, iron, gems) not to be distributed to other alliance members but to provide a way for alliance leadership to purchase alliance attributes.
  2. Alliance attributes designed to strengthen the entire alliance not individuals such as:
    1. Extra War hits ( lvl 1-6 purchased by alliance to add 1-6 extra attacks per individual)
    2. Attack buff for heroes (lvl 1-6)
    3. Defense buff for heroes (lvl 1-6)
    4. Troop attribute enhancer (lvl 1-6)
    5. Reduced troop feeder consumption (lvl 1-6)
    6. All specialties Charged at beginning of titan battle
    7. Increase of 2 alliance members (lvl 1-5 max of 40 members)
    8. 5x Gem daily producer (lvl 1-6) (Max’s at 30)
    9. Select war affect for alliance (healing, arrows, etc)
    10. Minor mana potion producer (1-6)

Some of these may be unrealistic or difficult to implement, but something along those lines that will allow an alliance to build vs just building individuals would be a great perk to being in/staying with an alliance.