Idea to buff Captain of Diamonds

I have maxed Captain od Diamonds but to be honest, he is weak.

Current special skill allows to hit any
next enemy if it has minons.

When enemy team has no minions, CoD attack one target with very low damage.

Additionally, there are not too many other 4* heroes that can produce Minions, what makes CoD usefull mainly against 5* heroes. But against 5* he is dying too fast to be useful.

I propose to change CoD special:

  • deals 190% damage to all enemies
  • destroy all minions of all enemies
  • deals additional 30% damage to the target for any destroyed minion

I think that might help CoD be used more effectively.

What do You think?

I have COD and agree he is very underwhelming.
I for one would support and buff otherwise, for me he is next to useless and doesn’t get off the bench (at all).
Destroying all minions would be great


I also maxed him, because I had no other blue projects. But he is totally underwhelming. Don’t think I have ever used him


Same… I maxed him only because i didn’t have any other option. Till then COD is still waiting to be used… Just add him +30 attack to special skill with every killed minion


I also have him maxed when I saw @Radar1’s video but never gets used. Even if the enemy team has Puss and/or Red Hood (or any other hero with the ability to summon minions), he never gets to be picked since I don’t have problems with red minion-summoners since they usually were unable to summon, or that my battles with them never reached to a point where the minion infestation is too much to handle.


I remember when Captain used to be much worse too… Before he used to only hit another enemy if he destroyed their minions. Meaning he was basically useless against Telluria (and made him even more niche than he already was).

Now at least he hits another enemy as long as the target he hits has minions, and he prioritizes anyone with minions too.

He’s still niche though, so I wouldn’t be opposed to a buff to him.


For a event hero he is pretty not great I needed a padalin for trails and picked sonya over him, hes still there at 1/1 and prob stay there until a change is made or I have nothing to work on haha

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Would just add in your third skill to his existing skill set and he would be much stronger than before. it’s equivalent to an aoe of 350% damage on three layers of minions. That’s really powerful

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Agree, I maxed him…but have only “thought” to use him for the Christmas event. Even more so, IF he destroyed ALL minions. Other than that…he just sits there looking pretty.