Idea: Special Keys to unlock costumes


With the infinite amount of costumes being released the game should have additional ways of unlocking them.

A special item key could do it:
Five Legendary Colour keys would unlock the costume for a legendary hero of the specific color.
Five Epic Colour keys would do the same for Epic heroes.
Five Rare Colour keys likewise for rare heroes.
(If balance would be needed, I’d eliminate the rare keys and the epic keys would work for either epic or rare heroes)

SGG could maybe sell the legendary ones at similar price as the fodder heroes for Soul Exchange.

With the amount of new heroes and costumes it’d probably not make SGG poorer and players will still chase heroes. And it’d create a very valuable item to sell or chase.

And the best part would be these items being free loot in the new redesigned Mascarade event. One legendary, one epic and one normal per event. Rotate the colours like in the LB event.

This way maybe we would all feel a bit less bummed for having to pull the same hero two or three times. And six free upgrades per year would mean a lot for F2P and C2P but not much to bigger spenders (and SGG) when so many heroes and costumes get released every year.


Only hero you get for granted in this game is Bane. Others you need luck to pull.

Extra luck needed to pull Dawa!

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