Idea: Sacriface Pit

Idea is simple - Sacriface Pit will be one of the buildings’ feature (or maybe standalone place?) that will allow to sacriface heroes and getting literal meat for it.
Only 3*, 4* and 5* will be able to sacriface to prevent abusing.
I know it sounds rather… grimm, but high level players often needs food very often while having too much heroes. It will even fit storyline - Vivica is known for breeding dragons inside your stronghold (lol).

I like it, so long as the heroes sacrifice produces enough food, say 300k ham for 3*, 500k ham for 4*, and 700k for 5* ?

I think food gain should be based on Hero Academy and Training Camp, to prevent people from abusing this mechanic in infinite Production → Eating → Production loop.

Hero Academy can produce guaranted 3* hero for cost of 100k meat, so meat gain from Pit should be lower than this, let’s say, 75k meat.

Guaranted 4* hero from Hero Academy cost 200k meat, so Pit should give, hm, 180k meat?

And finally 5*, here’s little problem, because there is no guaranted 5* mechanizm. HA 10 only offers retrains, so you need to have 5* hero to even start it. But I think we can base it on meat needed to make single TC 20 train, so 297k food. Sacrifacing 5* should be more valuable because they are rare, so, let’s say, 600k meat (double the amount of TC 20 train).

Ok, so, numbers now aren’t that impressive, BUT it can be easly improved by mechanic that will give X % more food if hero isn’t from S1.

Fair points, I like it!

dont think they would implement canibalism hahah
i reelly dont see the point on taking this path for SG, they can give us machanics to get food in less controversial ways

Won’t bring in money for Zynga/SGG. Unlikely to happen.

@BlackZed depends on how you will look at this - people might sacriface heroes to “make room” for new pulls

Zynga/SGG sells both ham and iron crates. Whatever they sell, they will not cannibalise sales in those areas.

They don’t sell heroes (not yet anyway), hence Soul Exchange and the CLH token offers.

And now there is that Roster Space offer.

That’s why I said that the idea is unlikely to take off.

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What if instead of meat we’d get Souls? :exploding_head:

1 - We could free roster space earlier and not just when Soul Exchange is in town again!

2 - Maybe Epic Heroes could value 5% of a Soul and Rare Heroes 1%? Soul Exchange is too expensive anyway (unless you’re a big spender, and especially if we think long term)