[IDEA] Raiding with Conditions

I just read this topic:

and it gave me an idea:

Conditioned Next Opponent Button for Raids

How would this work?

Idea is simple: add special button that allows you to roll into next random enemy, but only with formation you choose. Of course for bigger meat cost. Or maybe even meat + iron?

You want to practise before war? Roll into V formation. You are bored to see Double and Reversed V? Choose Reversed Double. Possibilities are endl… literally 4.

As bonus, it also will provide extra data for SGG about which formation people prefer to attack they can use to upgrade future wars / tournaments / events.

Nice idea! I’ll vote for you when I can

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Also having the option to have war effects in raids would be nice as practice.
One could get extra rewards if one chooses to attack with such a handicap. Like plus 10% ham and iron or something.

@CrazyChemist3891 I think people would abuse this feature.

For example people with many powerful slow heroes will choose Rush and just desintegrate defence with weakier, but Fast heroes.

Another example - defence is focused on aliments and DoT - people could just choose War Equalizer and attack with not affected pure hitters.

Or people could bring heroes like Uraeus and just set Minion War.

No, I think it’s a bad idea, unless it’d be restrict to attacks inside alliance.

I agree. I would not mind seeing it set to filter out players who are much higher or lower than you level wise but deliberately keep their defense low. Level 40 should be able to restrict attacks and defense to say Level 45 or 50 for example.

In a friendly format, like attacking your alliance mates for practice, I would like all of this. In a live environment or actual raids, not so much.

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game well :sunglasses:

unless of course you can check a box in your tower or something that says “allow for custom raids” that way you can opt in or not.