IDEA: Power Limits for Raids

About half rant, half suggestion. I barely have any chance at fighting raids. Especially with such a flimsy, underpowered team like mine:

A 1900 team could beat it.

I can’t will 10,000 emblems to max out my fivers, I can’t buy decent heroes, and I can’t find a sixth Mysterious Tonic in order to power up Gregorion and replace my glass jaw of a Gadeirus.

Capping what kind of opposing team you go up against, like blocking off a 4450 player so that your 3900 team can have a better chance at winning. It would be very beneficial for Path of Valor, when someone NEEDS an ascension item.

Did you finish the Shrikewood quest for your last tonic? There are a few hours left…

I did, but I lack one… and I can only get it by winning 60 times in Impossible.

I know other struggling to get to Diamond and win. A couple thoughts. You have a decent defense team. Reroll to pick favorable opponents, I usually look for less than 4K power. Color stack against the tank to quickly knock out the center. Use raid energy to win multiple fights to build your trophies. Finally, once you get to diamond, fight your raid tournament fights. These count towards your 60 wins if you are at diamond level and losses don’t knock down your trophy score. Hope this helps you.

You don’t need to complete that Valor Challenge to get to Milestone 48 for the Tonic.

More info here: 🧭 Second Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts April 6

With your team power you can finish the shrikewood event to get the last tonic. I struggled in Diamond arena as well… But start slow and you’ll get there… For every 5 raids, the diamond raid arena only counts 1 because I have to make sure i have 2400+ cups first. But it only took me around 10 days to finish it. You can do it. We still gotna lot of time until POV finishes. Gambate…

Are you stacking to raid or still running a rainbow? Suggest you stack against tank or flanks and see whether your raiding lucky improves?

If you’re able to stack fast/ very fast heroes you should do OK. I am beating teams 400 higher than my stacks with this approach.

May also be worth focusing on leveling troops if your not pulling the heroes you want. Improve your tile damage and win more that way…

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