Idea on a new defense team

I had an idea on what I’m hoping would be a/an tough/annoying Defense Team and I was looking for peoples thoughts. This idea isn’t set in stone and I’m not going to be hurt if this idea gets shot down but I’m curious to see what other people think. My current alliance hasn’t given me much in the terms of help/critique so I’m opening up the floor to everyone else.

My Def Team idea is as follows: Magni, Telluria, Kunchen, Heimdall and Kageburado. I get that i’ve doubled up on two colors and, from what I’ve been reading, doubling (or more) on defense teams tends to not work out well. Still, I’d like to hear peoples thoughts/ideas.

In truth Magni is just there because I didn’t want to triple up on colors and because hes my strongest MAXED 5 star damage dealer (I’m working on others but, as we all know, it can be slow going). Kageburado is there because I was looking for two VERY FAST mana users but I currently only have one (lucky to those who have gravemaker).

Kunchen is just an awesome tank/healer to have on your team. Telluria has a HoT (technically Heim does as well but its a little…differenty), mana slow/denial and a minion generator. Heimdall has a chance to double everyones health (with time) as well as an attack boost and a chance to revive heroes.

Sorry thins post has run on so long but I felt like I needed to explain myself a bit (as well as what the heroes do in case some don’t have them).

Thanks for all of your help. Looking forward to your ideas/critques.

This is the defence team proposed?

It’s not great for a couple reasons:

  1. Really slow & passive through the middle. There are no damage dealers until you get to the wings. Yes they all will heal your team BUT they don’t really punish the enemy team much…

  2. Double Colours. I would simply stack 3 Yellow & 2 Red against this team. There isn’t anything which NEGATES this stack in there… No blue to break up the greens. no yellow to oppose the obvious stack against kunchen.

Yes, passive defences CAN do well, not debating that. BUT they still have to be able to survive. And that means not allowing obvious colour stacks when you can.

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Okay. Ty for the information. :smiley:

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