Idea of adding wars for heroes 3 *

Idea of ​​adding wars for heroes 3 *

could be played parallel to the classic war and also between the same clans and at the same time.
the only difference is the additional field of war and separate scoring.

By the way, you could test new defensive formations in 3 * wars

Love this idea, it has been proposed a few times before. But we will keep bringing it up until someone listens! :grinning:

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For me, war is the most important aspect of the game.
Cherry on top.

Such an improvement would make the game much more attractive.

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I get what you are going for. Just not sure that the majority of people will have six war teams of 3* heroes

That shouldn’t be a problem. 3 * heroes upgrade very quickly

I find that kind of sad that people will feed away a perfectly serviceable hero rather than pay for roster space. I have a collection of 69 maxxed 3 stars. Some dupes get fed away…, some just become increasingly hard to justify the space they take and out they go. I love 3 star tournaments however. Some of the best fun you can have in game imo.

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@sft1965 … Totally agree. I have a full roster of max 3* heroes. And some duplicates.
I always advise new players to start at the bottom and max out 3 x 3* rainbow teams before moving onto 4* and then 5* heroes.
But it’s surprising how many players work from the top down ….


Since they are 3*, wars can maybe be a 3 vs 3 skirmish or only 3 flags? :slight_smile:

Just to make them stand out a bit from their 5* counterparts :slight_smile:


I think we should modify wars

That it applies to 3*, 4* and 5*
and allow people to opt out or only apply for each level if they can field a certain level of teampower for defense.

i. e.
2000 for 3*
3000 for 4*
4000 for 5*

This way each member can contribute in wars based on their skill.

Instead 75 boring Ninja Tower/ Tower od Magic stages (costing us many many hours) i prefeer to have additional 3* wars

I would love 3-star wars as well. They currently get very little action other than the 3* raid tournaments and the rare level of monthly challenge events.

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3* and 4* are definitely under utilized in todays meta (did I use the word right???)

Either way you know what I mean. :sweat_smile:

You mean no chance of adding 3* wars?

I never heard that it got serious consideration but you never know