IDEA: New war mode: Tornado

We should have new more diverse modes in wars to make the wars more dynamic.

I propose a war mode: Tornado

A tornado sweeps the battleground (every 3 turns), blowing away all the minions and fiends.

This would create a new and different war mode.

Adding to that idea :

All allies/ enemies either get 20% mana or loose 20% mana

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In addition, the tornado could lift up all buffs, ailments, stacks from heroes on each side and randomly distributed them the other side heroes.


That is, IMHO, a better idea. Cuz the minions and fiends one is meh. Since the combat is a normal raid if there’s no minions or fiends summoners on neither side.

And if I know a tornado is gonna wipe minions out, my def won’t have any minions summoners for sure… It’s gonna end up being a normal war without any effect.


Do both.

Pick up and redistribute:

  • buffs
  • ailments
  • minions
  • fiends

even if they are undispellable and regardless of protection from buffs/ailments

Let chaos reign!


Can the tornado also rotate the defending teams players as well. Similar to what Cheshire cat does


That sounds like fun ideas :slight_smile:

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OR make this a different war mode!

Another war mode idea would be similar to the one challenge event mode so every 3 turns it switches your element. This would change up the coloring stacking game and getting a “bad” or “great” board right off the bat may not mean another eventually.

To completely neuter this it would be enough not to use any minion or fiend hero and that would be extremely easy

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Yep… Snipers without buffs or ailments…

Or maybe rearrange the enemies position like what akkorog does

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I like this idea. Sounds cool. New, fresh idea.