Idea in regards to mana speed



So mana speed is currently rated for each hero differently and it’s not bad except when you have all average and slower and you see gravemaker on the other team with his power and very fast mana speed. What if manner was fast on lower stars and slower on higher. 1*=very fast 2*=fast 3*=Average 4*=slow 5*=very slow
There is probably a reason you didn’t do it this way but I liked the idea of it leveling the playing field a little bit powerful and slow vs weak and fast and wanted to see if anybody else liked the idea.


At least in principle, the special’s Power is related to the mana speed. Powerful, all-foe hits like Azlar or Quintus are slow; strong 3-foe hits are usually average, snipers are usually fast. The problem comes when SGG creates a hero, like Gravemaker or Zeline, that break this mold.


Or Zeline. Indeed I understand that HotM should be better than tc20 heroes, cause they should attract spenders or gems hoarder more than heroes obtainable with 300k ham. I also understand that making them 6* with unthinkable requirements for ascension and level up would overcompensate their increased power.
What I don’t understand is why this gap is worth only 10-13 team power more than other 5* heroes. But this maybe is the same old story that team power formula is not a raw diamond in the heaven of formulas.